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Sony’s 40 GB PlayStation 3

By Robert | October 7, 2007

After Microsoft reported huge success with Halo 3 and Nintendo Wii is continuously growing in popularity, Sony’s gaming department needs to do something as soon as possible with their PlayStation 3 platform. This seems the case now as the company confirmed a new PlayStation 3 that is supposed to appear in Europe on the 10th of October.

The new PlayStation 3 has been downgraded in order to come cheaper. This model will have a 40 GB hard drive, it will not show flash media reader capability and will only bear 2 instead of 3 USB ports. These downgrades are not that important but there is one piece of news linked with the new PS3 that is kind of disturbing. According to a special press statement by Sony, the new PlayStation 3 model will not have backwards compatibility with PlayStation 2. This means that it will not be able to play PlayStation 2 video games, something that might disturb possible customers. On the other hand, the same statement also highlighted that there will be around 65 PS3 video games available in all genres by Christmas.

There is some good news though. The new PS3 will still have capability of playing Blu Ray discs, will have HDMI output and included Wi-Fi support. The launching price will be of around 400 euro and a price cut is also announced for the 60 GB model, which still features backwards compatibility with the PlayStation 2 game console. There is also no news that might hint a similar move in the US although a price cut will probably be a reality there as well. It will be quite hard to meet the wished $400 price tag but who knows? Sony needs something huge to get back on top or at least start competing better with Nintendo and Microsoft.





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