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A Farmer in China by the name of Liu Qiyuan is taking up a new hobby, Being that its almost the fake end …

Spooky Lights, creeping ghouls and lots of candy are the reason for the season. Marilyn Manson just seems to be made for this holiday.Why …

Yup. We’ve been having some good fun over in the office. You know working on plotters, fixing laser cutters… And Avoiding the …

I was originally just going to share this little gem via Tumblr, or twitter but I’ve been thinking more about it. Seriously. Give this …

This is how science should be taught… Man this song is awesome. These days the internet is the go to place to …

August 6th 2012, the date when the latest rover will land on the surface of another world. Complete with a nuclear motor, …

This is a guide for fixing apt on a ubuntu 12.04 installation, using the debian package manager dpkg, and a little common …

What is the recipe for awesome? Take one part whims, one 18 year old Romanian named Raul Oaida. Throw in some Legos and a healthy respect …

Hi Folks… if yu’re reading this after the impending Robot takeover, then I for one welcome our new robot masters. Meet the …

So far we have fought for net nuetrality, and may or may not have won. We hit SOPA where it hurts, and …

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