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The New Microsoft Xbox 360 Arcade?

By Robert | October 21, 2007

Microsoft did not tell us anything about this but it does look like a new Xbox 360 SKU started to appear on store shelves in different locations. There are a lot of gamers that do know the difference between different models of the Xbox 360 and they are the ones that actually reported a new Xbox 360 Arcade package available for $279.99.

The Xbox 360 Arcade stands in at the same price when compared with the Xbox 360 Core system and this means we are facing a new entry level SKU in Microsoft’s game console. To make it better, it also seems that it is improving the Core. The first visible aspect is the fact that the Xbox 360 Arcade will be shipped with a 256MB memory unit. Previous buyers of Core needed to buy this separately. We can also notice a new wireless controller, complete with a set of Energizer AA batteries. Until now, we only noticed the Xbox 360 Premium and the Xbox 360 Elite equipped with such wireless controllers.

Another interesting thing stands in the fact that pictures visible around the Internet also show us an HDMI port, even if we can only find a standard definition composite cable in the official package. The first Xbox 360 version that included HDMI came with the Zephyr motherboard. This only leads us to thinking that this Xbox 360 Arcade also comes with a similar motherboard. We can also be dealing with a Falcon motherboard, which also ads different other improvements while switching the CPU from a 90nm process to a 65 nm process.

So far all we have is simple speculation. We do need to see an official statement by Microsoft and we might be getting one soon since the product is already on store shelves.





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