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Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

By Robert | January 9, 2008

December 4 is the day when the new Xbox 360 Dashboard appears on the market. This is kind of late as it is a Fall Update but it show some interesting enhancements to the video game console. The new device update will come with an included “Inside Xbox” news feed coming from . Gamers can read all about new game releases, Xbox LIVE Marketplace offers and events.

Microsoft keeps on saying that Xbox Live is “the largest social network in the living room.” They are constantly putting an emphasis on this and with the Dashboard update we see new features included for Live as well. The most interesting one stands in the possibility to view the Friends Lists of other Xbox Live members. We can also notice an enhanced online profile. You can thus share more details about yourself and you can choose if it will be viewable by everybody or just by your current friends.

Besides the minor updates we see, the biggest one that is video-related stands in the MPEG-4 Part 2 video codec support. This is usually included in Xvid and DivX videos. To put it simple, videos that come in an AVI container encoded in both advanced simple profile or just simple profile can be viewed on the Xbox 360. In related news, DivX support will also come to the PlayStation 3 video game console but this time it was Microsoft that did it first.

There is also one feature that will annoy kids but will make parents happy. We are talking about the Xbox 360 Family Timer, which will enable parents to make adjustments to the time the video game console can be utilized by other people in the house on both a weekly basis and a daily basis. You can thus limit the time your child spends playing on the Xbox 360 without directly forcing him to leave the game.





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