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I have a love of knowledge, and an insatiable drive to acquire more. It’s like the spice… It must flow. A good part of my personality is silly references to TV shows, Comics, and Movies of a geeky leaning. And some of it is rubbing off on my kids… Entirely on purpose.

From a daughter who is genuinely excited at the announcement of Thor becoming female. Who wouldn’t want to be a bad ass lady destroying evil and taking names? To my son who knew what Thor’s hammer Mjolnir was actually called when Marvel was selling movie props called Lightning Hammers? This was when he was 5.

My son correctly knows the status of Pluto as a dwarf planet and I couldn’t be prouder. But what does it mean to try to raise geeky kids? Is there anything you would hold back from introducing them to?

For me I shudder to think about it, but its becoming video games. My 20 year old self had a plan for introducing games to the kids, start at pong and work forward. Billy Madison Style. and for the most part my kids like the classics. But the more modern games are a bit harder to just let them go with.

I love video games but since I play them I also know the level of wanton blood gore and guts in most games, the twisted storylines and foul language. I’m not saint by any stretch of the imagination. But there are still words, phrases and situations I don’t want my 8 and 4 year olds being subjected to. I know there are a ton of parents who let their kids play older titles because other kids are, or parents who let it happen because they don’t know about the titles they are bringing into the house. I don’t have that luxury. When I can, I try to play the games with my kids. That more than anything helps sort the good from the bad. who wouldn’t love to throw down with their kids? Guaranteed you can beat them on the first try 😉

So what does it mean to raise geeky curious knowledge hungry kids? Kids with a healthy respect for science, and an understanding of how things work? I don’t know but I’m having a blast working it out. So how do you raise geek?

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