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Whenever you hear about the Bit Torrent you think about acquiring files and data for free without paying for it, isn’t it? It might be surprising for you but the reality is that Bit Torrent is 100% legal and acquiring and sharing protected music, movies and software without permission is legal in Bit Torrent.

Let us get in detail about the relationship between Bit Torrent and piracy.

Bit Torrent is not a provider but a protocol:

Often we find that people use incorrect terms to refer to a particular thing. Same is in the case with Bit Torrent. The term refers to two things:

People often say that they have downloaded a movie. Bit Torrent is a protocol and not a service provider. Hence, you cannot download files from a protocol rather you can download using a protocol as is the case in Bit Torrent.

The company maintains the protocol and renders services:

If you are of the notion that Bit Torrent Inc. encourages piracy, you are absolutely wrong. The company doesn’t offer for illegal downloads for music, movies and software and so on. Every file that is directed by the company is legal and licensed. Majority of the customers or users using the Bit Torrent protocol don’t have the idea about such files because they don’t get them downloaded from Bit Torrent Inc. The Bit Torrent protocol is open and uses the protocol, uTorrent which is known to offer legal contents and also keep the files updated between the machines.

Bit Torrent doesn’t circulate illegal files

In order to download files using Bit Torrent the following three things are essential.

The bit torrent client helps you to download files and similarly the .torrent file also helps in downloading. The torrent tracker is the program that helps you to connect your computer with other users and share files. Bit Torrent Inc. never run any tracker over protected and copy right content files.

It is the Pirate Bay site that offers such contents and people use the Bit Torrent protocol to download the pirate contents. There is no doubt that Bit Torrent makes revenue and profit from the illegal contents and in way it spreads protected copyright files.

Bit Torrent is used legally too

Flush out the misconception that Bit Torrent is all about piracy. You will be surprised to know the company has 100% legal contents and legal users as well. Those who use the Linux regularly have an idea about Bit Torrent being used legally. There are plenty of sites that offer legal torrent files for downloads. You just need to get hold of the correct sites.

Hence, it becomes clear that Bit Torrent doesn’t allow you to download any illegal content. It is possible to download an illegal file or content using the Bit Torrent protocol. Such download links are offered by other sites and often by other people. The company doesn’t prescribe for any illegal file download.


Bit Torrent is an amazing file sharing technology that has taken the internet world by storm. It enables the users to legally download as well as share a file at the same time. This technology has been since many years and users find it an excellent means to download movies, videos and other gaming files very easily without investing any money.

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