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Eva Longoria on marriage and her strong relationship

When Eva Longoria spoke with CBS News last week, she kept it a secret that she was getting married on Saturday.

But the actress, producer and director still told us about her attitude toward marriage, the secret to a strong relationship and how she’s doing her part to change the world through her own philanthropy and a partnership with Chivas’ The Venture.

We’re very excited. It’s called Chivas’ The Venture. We’re giving away $1 million to people who have amazing ideas to possibly change the world. It’s an important thing because my philanthropy is my life work, so when I see people creating sustainable change in their advocacy, it’s so inspiring to me because the world is not built on charity and philanthropy — it’s actually built on having a sustainable business model that can continue that change. All these finalists have really done some amazing work and have amazing ideas.

No, although I’m always particular to Latin American countries, and I saw an amazing woman’s idea from Argentina. We have six different continents represented in the finalists, so for us, it’s so exciting because so many people try to reinvent the wheel and there are so many great ideas that are already inspiring other great ideas. That’s what’s great — we get to hear all of those ideas and share that thought process, and that may create another lightbulb for someone else in another country or neighborhood.

Actually, right now I’ve been involved in an amazing housing project with Turner Impact, with Bobby Turner. It’s to create workforce housing and do it in a profitable way and a socially conscious way. When those two things line up, there’s a home run, so many people think social impact doesn’t have a profit, but it must in order to be sustainable. There’s so much change we can make using the free market and that’s what I think is pretty unique about the particular venture I’m in.

You got engaged to Jose “Pepe” Baston in December, and you’ve said before that over time your attitude toward big traditional weddings has changed.

It’s not so much that it’s changed, it’s just that I’ve been there done that. I think weddings are beautiful if you want to have them, but I’ve been married before. It’s not as monumental of a moment as when you’re 22 years old and doing it for the first time. With us, it’s more substantial in what we both believe. A marriage is not a wedding. We’re looking forward to the marriage, not so much the wedding.

Communication and supporting each other in everything we do. I’ve never had a bigger cheerleader than Pepe.

I’m sorry that your show “Telenovela” was just canceled — of course, that was a pioneer in getting more Latinos on TV. What do you think needs to be done to see more diversity on TV?

I think we need to get behind the camera, kind of like what I’ve been doing. Directing and producing “Telenovela” was super-fun. We had a great time doing it and I think we do need more networks like NBC to take risks with shows that have diverse content, but we’re only going to do this as we get back behind the camera.

Season 4 of “Devious Maids” premieres June 6, and I’ll also be in front of the camera for that. I have a movie in development for HBO, which is an amazing biopic about an amazing lawyer in the Hispanic community in the 1950s. We have my clothing line coming out in July and we have Chivas’ The Venture coming out on July 14 as well. I’m very busy and excited.


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