LG has announced the unveiling of its new smart phone, the LG G4 this April. The phone will be available worldwide in the next one to two months. Though LG hadn’t disclosed much about the specs and features of the same, thanks to some leaks (intentional or unintentional, we will never know) from LG’s side, most of the features of G4 was discussed and analyzed long back and if the phone delivers all that is promised, it does look like a big competitor to the likes of Samsung S6 and iPhone 6.

G4 will work on Android 5.1 Lollipop with an interface typical of all LG phones. They have made a difference in opting for 808 Snapdragon processor instead of the usual 810 and the unofficial reason for the same stated is the overheating issues Snapdragon 810 processor had.

Compared to both Samsung S6 and the iPhone, G4 has a bigger display screen of 5.5 inches with LCD Quantum Dot and is also bigger in size. G4 measures 149.1 x 75.3 x 8.9mm and weighs around 153 grams. This is around 20-30 grams heavier than both S6 and iPhone 6.

G4 has a 16 Mega Pixels rear camera that is upgraded with a brighter sensor that automatically adjusts to the lighting outside and provides better white and color balance than LG G3. The camera app is also upgraded in G4 and has improved manual control features including shutter speed and RAW image capture.

The front camera will be every selfie lover’s dream. It is an 8 MP camera that takes accurate pictures much better than most secondary cameras in other phones. Compared to a 5MP front camera of S6 and the 1.2 MP one of iPhone 6, G4 will certainly top charts in this feature.

G4 boasts of a 3GB RAM and a 32GB storage capacity that can be extended up to 128GB. It also has the option of a micro SD card slot that was discontinued in S6.

One notable difference most people loved about G4 was the leather back covers that it came in. G4 consciously moved away from metal body and the entire package will be made of plastic.

Leather back covers will be available in a variety of earthy colors and LG says these covers are made of natural vegetable tanned leather that will be safe on palms and offer better grip than metal or plastic.

It seems to have invested around 3 months to design the leather case which looks rugged and smart will certainly be a plus point to get people to choose G4 over other competitors.

Though LG has not revealed the price of G4, it is assumed that it will range more or less similar to its previous version of G3. G3 costed around 35,000 in India and users can think of a similar figure for G4 too.

LG G4 looks like it will give a tough fight to other top smart phones in town. With a lot of unique features and specs that will be user friendly and technically great, Indian users need to wait for a couple of months more to actually touch and feel and use the phone to actually know how much of the promise has LG delivered in reality.

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