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For every new imagination in technology, there is some gadget which pops up and changes it into reality. For every company which provides us with one unique feature in its latest gizmo, there is another competitor who betters it and increases our consideration set. Earlier mobile phones were heavy and bulky, that is, when they were first introduced to the layman. It decreased in size gradually and yet the weight could not be reduced as drastically. Then the phones started to grow bigger and the weight underwent a magical reduction. Cell phones became light as feather. Tablets were then made available for those who preferred to use mobiles phones as a multipurpose gadget- almost like a laptop, yet not quite. Acer Iconia Tab 10 is one among the many in the latest category- however it is better than many of its kind. We are here to find out why and how.

Aesthetically, this tablet is not much appealing. The uncovered microSD card slot is an ugly botch on the simplistic build quality that this tab sports. The back cover is a poor imitation of the aluminium silver which was intended primarily. The bezel around the screen is quite an eye sore but its utility is that you could hold the tablet without touching the screen. This 10inch screen tab is quite thin and yet the weight makes one realize that the breadth is misleading. Strangely it comes in only white color option.

The performance of this Iconia tab is pretty impressive given its competitive pricing. The MediaTek quad core processor ticks at 1.3 GHz and this device has a 1GB RAM. The transition from app to homescreen is as fast as it can get. A 32 GB internal memory is a lot to offer and 25 GB is left free for the user; this comes with a 32 GB expandable card slot- which makes for a lot of space to store your stuff in. It is best not to expect amazing picture quality with less than a 150 ppi of pixel density. The primary camera of 4 MP and a secondary one of 1 MP is not too impressive either- however with the other features and a low budget, you could not have asked for more.

You do not get a cable for the microHDMI port which is a down side of this gadget. The battery lasts for a good eight hours before the device conks off. The Android 4.4 that the Iconia tab is installed with, will receive an upgrade to the 5.0 version quite soon. A Float Gadget is embedded in this device which is basically a calendar, memo pad and a calculator on a small window. An attempt to make the screen fingerprint free and smudge free is made here- although how much it really works is yet a question.

Whether you should go for this gadget or not is your discretion. However, at such low cost, this is indeed a hi-tech device to own. Acer makes it quite tough for competitors to go past this one, and with performance as decent as can be found in the Acer Iconia tab 10, it is worth owning for some time at least- at least till the software update happens.

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