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As you’ve seen from our feed, Mega Ran has been taking WWE entrance themes and creating Hip Hop songs. Now that CD is available for download and you can hear it below. The CD is produced by Lynx Kinetic and the following wrestlers get their themes remixed: Let us know what you think of the album by commenting below and …

This video came across our feed today and well we had to post it. From Wreck The System, comes this video for their newest song Do The Roar featuring Mega Ran and Twill Distilled. Enjoy.

Its Monday night and yet again as we get closer to Wrestlemania, Mega Ran has released his 3rd track off his newest album Monday Night Ran. This time he tags the theme for the tag team New Day and creates magic unicorns with it …what? I had to make that reference. Anyways, here’s Mega Ran’s newest track is called New …

As promised, Mega Ran has released the second track off his WWE inspired CD Monday Night Ran and the track is called The Madness. This track is inspired by the Macho Man Randy Savage. It’s more of a tribute as this is his favorite wrestler. Take a listen to this track now and if you can see the player please …

Ultraklystron did a remix of a track called React by Mega Ran and it’s one of the best songs you will hear. What do you guys think? Let us know by commenting below.

SkyBlew has been busy posting music videos from the past and yesterday, he put up a remix of his song Picture That featuring the man himself Mega Ran. Take a listen and let us know what you think of this song.

For our first Geek E Exclusive from Momocon, we got to interview Nerdcore legend Mega Ran. Let us know what you think of our interview by commenting below.

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