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How To Fall Asleep Fast?

Throughout the years, I have always had a hard time falling asleep as a result of the stress and anxiety put on me by running my own online business.

And I’ve researched and come across so many different suggestions and methods for many years in order to help fight those sleepless nights as well as how to fall asleep fast.

Without diving into every strategy I’ve learned over the many years, I would like to share 5 of the most simple, but effective ways that I have found the most helpful for me such as, foods, drinks, etc that can hopefully help you to drop off to sleep much easier and faster as well!

So here goes:

Tip 1. One of the most important rest suggestion to begin with:

This isn’t a specific food or beverage, but possibly ONE OF THE MOST important pointers I can give you … if you don’t follow this one, your possibilities of unwinding in the evening and dropping off to sleep quickly are not likely …

You NEED to remove the use of phones, computers, emails, as well as anything job related (or various other demanding traits) at least 3 hours before you prepare to get into bed.

Turning off all devices or computer systems and swapping them for a book during the night is great, however, do not do any type of work that stimulates your mind and makes you more alert, such as reading things like managing work or other stressful things in life that could trigger you to start thinking about everyday tasks.

it’s best to turn off all computer devices a minimum of 1 hour prior to bed as maintaining your eyes concentrated on the light from gadgets is one thing that some researchers believe that could interfere with getting top quality rest.

An overly active mind late at night is among the BIGGEST things keeping many individuals from going to sleep and causing insomnia .

As a driven business owner myself, I used to function late at night and afterwards I would always notice that my mind was always to energetic to really be able to fall asleep, so I would end up laying there for hours some nights until I could obtain my mind to reduce so I could go to sleep.

This could seem unusual, yet one technique that’s helped me to discover how to fall asleep fast is to get a book that is about something I’m not that interested in or find somewhat boring, If the subject is “boring” to me personally, it keeps my mind away from things that I find much more fascinating, and has helped me to fall asleep much faster and has stopped me thinking about my daily tasks through my mind.

Tip 2. No caffeine after mid-day:

You have most likely already heard about this tip before, so I’ll keep this short … It takes about 6 hours for caffeine to completely leave your system, so ensure your last caffeinated beverage of the day (coffee, black tea, green tea, etc) is at LEAST 6 hours prior to you going to bed.

And also if you’ve been noticing any kind of adrenal tiredness from laboratory hormone examinations, you must also consider lowering your day-to-day levels of caffeine consumption if you have quite a lot throughout the day.

Tip 3. Tart cherries or sharp cherry juice:

Tart cherries (Montmorency) actually include an all-natural form of melatonin that could help you to naturally feel drowsy and help you to fall asleep quicker.

I have had frozen sharp cherries a few times for a late evening smoothie sometimes and I’ve noticed a difference.

I have actually also found a sharp cherry concentrate in Whole Foods and also other organic food stores that you could include in a beverage or caffeine-free tea during the night to help get a natural source of melatonin and could be the secret weapon how to fall asleep fast.

I use 1 spoonful of sharp cherry concentrate in a cup of chamomile or mint tea late in the evening. This assists immensely for soothing down as well as dropping off to sleep during the night.

A side benefit is that sharp cherry also consists of effective anti-oxidants that fight joint discomfort, gout arthritis, and various other swelling relevant issues.

Tip 4. DON’T overdose on melatonin supplements (most supplements consist of TOO MUCH).

Most people overdose on melatonin supplements. Most melatonin supplements can be found in either 3 mg or even 5 mg dosages.

Nevertheless, some researchers found that anything more than 1 mg could be too much of a dose, which can interrupt your sleep cycle in the daytime, making it tough to wake up in the morning and make you feel groggy, and harder to drop off to sleep the following night, disrupting your total sleep cycle.

The appropriate dose appears to be less than 1 mg according to many experts on this topic (this was reviewed on the Dr. Oz show also), which is why I prefer to NEVER use melatonin supplements, as well as only get the small all-natural quantities found in sharp cherries or tart cherry juice.

5. Evening time teas:

Try “night time teas” that have relaxing qualities such as chamomile tea, mint tea, lemongrass tea, or all them combined in one drink.

My regular night tea is always chamomile tea as it contains phytonutrients that could help deal with estrogenic overload from all the xenoestrogens that we are subjected to from chemicals, pesticides that are found in today’s chemical filled world.

Just a quick reminder to keep in mind that you can include a spoonful of the tart cherry concentrate and you’ll get a great night sleep! The best time is about 1-2 hours before bedtime to help your body and mind loosen up.

Thanks for readings my 5 tips about how to fall asleep fast and I really hope they will benefit you as much as they’ve helped me I would love it If you would share this article with friends and family If you found it helpful.

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All the best

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