Why do People Think Anime is Weird?


Whenever I watch , and someone walks in, they always have the same lines…

“Anime is so weird.” “Anime is so creepy.” “Why is anime so cringey?” “Anime fans are losers.” “Anime is for nerds.”

It’s the same lines over and over again. It’s getting really old. But is anime actually weird?

In this post we will be going through the most common questions outsiders have when looking in at anime.

I think it’s understandable that people have these questions. From an outsider’s perspective, anime can look weird and even creepy.

The most common reason why people think you’re weird for watching anime is because it’s animated. You see, people in the West still believe that animated shows and movies are strictly for children.

Anime characters have big goofy eyes, uncommon hairstyles and the worlds are so colourful. Of course, this kind of animation can be mistaken for a children’s show.


…people will have to watch the entire show. For example, a few episodes into Full Metal Alchemist, it can look bright and colourful (which it is). But if you watch the entire show you’ll be sorely mistaken. The same can be said for anime like Hunter X Hunter, it looks like a bright and innocent world.


…when you get deep into the story, it’s not a light hearted, adventurous anime like Pokémon. In fact, Hunter X Hunter will pull at your heart strings. Character relations are built, and you will get attached to these characters. But in the world of Hunter X Hunter, they are treated with extreme brutality.

Let’s take a look at a show called “Berserk”. The

involves a man named “Guts“, he goes through Hell! Fighting demons, seeing his lover get raped, blood everywhere and being betrayed like you’ve never seen before. Sure, Berserk is animated but it’s done in a mature way.

: Berserk is not for children.

So now that we’ve cleared up the myth about . Let’s move on to another misnomer…

Anime Cliche’s

Anime cliché’s is another reason why people may think anime is creepy…

Nose bleeds

It seems like every time a girl appears, the guy in-front of her gets a nose bleed.

The boob fall

Every time… every damn time the male protagonist falls onto the heroine. Either his face or hands falls perfectly onto her boobs.


…from an outsider looking in, this can look super creepy, especially since it’s animated. However, this is just part of anime culture and it grows on you.

Extremely bloodied jokes

When you see a character get hit and there’s blood gushing everywhere, an outsider may think it’s a serious fight. But, the punch and blood were simply a joke. You can usually make the distinction between a serious exchange and a joke by the dramatic change in animation style.

I’m going to kill you!… After I give you my life story…

This cliché’ is actually quite comical and gets made fun of by anime pop culture. For example, One Punch Man, Saitama VS Boros.

The two most powerful fighters in the entire Universe come to fight each other and they’re about to exchange devastating blows.


…it wouldn’t be a true anime fight without a backstory. This show actually pokes fun at the cliché’ and makes it look hilarious.

These cliché’s can actually be a turn off and be the excuse for calling anime fans, “weirdos”. But when you get into anime and understand the culture it’s actually not weird anymore and actually quite likeable because it’s so unique.

Fan Service

Fan service can be a huge turn off for newbies. When a completely new person to anime like your mum sees glazed girls in bikini’s, it may freak them out!

Like… really freak them out, since they’re used to seeing children only watching animated shows. And now there are half naked, animated girls bouncing around!

However, after a few shows it may not be as creepy as originally thought (as long as there’s some context).

too much fan service can actually ruin an anime like High School Of The Dead. Creators want to stop a lot of the fan service going on in their shows but they are forced to do it, since fan service can bring in new viewers which directly relates to more revenue.

Can you benefit from watching anime?

In short, yes.

You see, anime explores a variety of aspects in life and history such as:

And much more…

Anime is literally an art, you can express anything through it. No other platform expresses so much without extreme money expenditure.

Unlike live-action movies, you can be put in different parts of the world or other universes with a designer’s clicks. But in live-action movies, actors have to physically travel around the world to appear in that destination when appearing on the big screen. Or suffer from CGI problems.

Artists have no restraints when working in animation. Whatever you , you can

and then .

Why do people still watch anime?

There are many reasons for people still watching anime, even many years after childhood.

Your typical cartoon doesn’t provide a deep story. Western animated stories typically go from episode to episode and each episode is an entire story by itself. As a result, stories aren’t rich and it’s hard to get invested in them.


…anime typically goes from ark to ark, a satisfying ,


is planned. It’s much easier to get invested in this type of story. And it’s not just Western animation that go from episode to episode, but also live-action TV series such as The Big Bang Theory.

I’m not saying The Big Bang Theory is a bad show, but there’s no plot or story and in the long term does not hold a viewer’s attention. Or at least doesn’t hold a viewer’s attention like anime.

Anime also caters to all types of demographics no matter ,

or what kind of  you’re into. There’s something for everyone.

Do you like psychological shows that has the viewer constantly thinking? Go watch Death Note or Psycho Pass.

Are you into mechs? Well you should go watch Neon genesis Evangeline.

How about full-blown action? Well you need some One Punch Man and Hunter X hunter in your life.

Do you like to laugh a lot? Go watch My Bride Is A Mermaid.

The point is…

…anime caters to everyone no matter who you are.

Conclusion – is anime actually weird?

There is no objective answer to this question.

When diving into new things, they can seem odd, complex, alien and overall, “weird”.

But after a while, norms start to settle-in and this applies to any topic in life. Not matter if you’re learning to cook, creating content, learning how to program or diving into a whole new medium. It can seem odd and alien at first, and sure, it can be called “weird”.

But the longer you indulge in a particular topic, the less weird it becomes. If you’re looking to get your friends into anime, there are various

teaching you how.

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