[REVIEW] Destiny 2 – Incredibly Bad?


Destiny was a game with many shortcomings that were ironed out after release luckily that isn’t the case with .

Destiny 2 is a direct sequel in every meaning of the word. It doesn’t just add more to the game but also improves upon the original. Destiny 2 manages to fix everything wrong with the original and add just enough new content for a streamlined, better designed, and more rewarding game that is definitely worth your time.

Destiny 2 Review: A Story You’ll Care About

One of the biggest and most glaring shortcomings of the original

was the story which was incoherent at best. Almost all characters from the original game were forgettable and neither of the factions had any distinct personalities which made the overall game feel like just another online FPS MMO.

What about the storyline?

Luckily, Destiny 2 follows a more streamlined and coherent following a string and compelling storyline that makes us care about the characters and faction involved urging us to play on.

Though the antagonist does seem like a bad guy right out of a comic book but compared to the last game where I didn’t even have an idea what I was fighting against, this does feel like the right approach.

Even though the game does feel predictable at times but manages to pace itself perfectly to deliver a campaign that will remind you why you fell in love with story-driven shooters in the first place.

Destiny 2 Review: A World Of Options – Literally

Destiny 2 is such a vast game that its world has to be separated into multiple smaller world. Even though there are multiple worlds in Destiny 2 they somehow feel connected while having their own distinct identity and personality.

The game is spread over four smaller, self-contained planets rather than adding everything to one planet which makes things easier to explore and keep track off. The side quests finally feel like “Adventures” that occasionally tie in with the main story and in other cases provide fun and enjoyable standalone missions.

There are more public events, secret sectors and side missions that make the world of Destiny 2 feel alive.

Destiny 2 Review: The Combat

Everything about the combat in Destiny 2 feels more fleshed out and varied compared to the previous game. The game in the original Destiny was great but Destiny 2 manages to take it a step further by adding minute details and making some big changes.

First and foremost the new classes and weapon types add more variety whereas the weapons layout now provides a more balanced weapon layout than the last one. Small additions like AOE effects after popping an enemy’s shield with the right damage type add an extra layer of welcomed depth to the combat.

Destiny 2 Review: Conclusion

Destiny 2 manages to find the perfect balance between a narrative-driven campaign and FPS/RPG/MMO elements to deliver a game that is better than the original in almost every single way. Destiny 2 realises the FPS-RPG dream to deliver a game that will make you fall I love with the genre all over again!

Final Rating

9 out 10 from Simon Balfe – Geekgoer

Destiny 2 release date: September 6 2017

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