InHumans Episode 1 Review [SPOILERS]


Firstly, as normal ******* I’m taking a big breath for this one…….

So, when Marvel came out in November 2016 and announced that instead of the epic Inhumans movie that so many of us were looking forward to we would get a TV series.

This was a confusing decision as the story lends itself and needs the scale and ‘budget’ of a big screen outing. It also felt like a massively missed opportunity to have ties to The ‘Guardians of the galaxy’ and got fans drooling at a potential War Of Kings re-telling but no. Instead Agents Of Shite…

…sorry Sheild made The Inhuman terrigan mist a key focus area to their series in true ‘Agents Of Shield’ unspectacular and bland fashion and The Inhumans series was to be an ABC production spinning off from this.


…alas that was their decision and we remain optimistic. Well unfortunately that optimism is wasted.

Better attempts inside Comic Con

The TV series opens with a sequence that plays out as if a child has stolen their parents phone and is playing with the slo-mo app. The use of slow motion is so sporadic and unnecessary I honestly think they’ve done it just to fill some time. The characters being chased are of course Inhumans and Triton (a key Inhuman from the comics) delivers some real basic lines as if it were audio description for what’s happening.

He is then subsequently shot but to be honest I’m glad as I never want to witness that wooden acting or basic makeup again. The opening titles are a ‘Hey Duggie’ animation which hold none of the drama that all the Netflix series openings seem to have. I mentioned the poor makeup on triton.

This is a character moulded on the creature from the

and I had always pictured Jack Kirby’s design as an Abe Sapien meets Gill Man creation but this lacked any imagination what so ever which seems to be a pattern throughout the casts looks. As a cosplayer I have genuinely witnessed better attempts inside comic cons at putting these characters into reality than what this show has produced.

The cities general inhabitants all seem to have been clothed in anything grey or black from Primark and given no sense of Alien or off worldly about them. The family itself sports ill-fitting and what looks like faux leather with at best nods to the comic book looks.

Gorgon isn’t the intimidating brute I wanted but a dashing wisecracking guy in what looks like kinky foot accessories. Black Bolt should be a god like birded silhouette but instead we get a bespoke leather jacket and a silly looking headband in just one of the scenes (This is their small attempt following some fan backlash but not enough). Karnack and Crystal are okay but I would’ve like Crystals black hair to have been an accessory rather than a spray can job.

Maximas has a look that will be instantly forgettable which for

goes against their tradition in the MCU of having such fabulous looking villains. Medusa’s hair should be sentient and constantly exploring its surroundings but to hold back on the CGI costs it barely see’s any action and looks like a bad wig when dormant. Lockjaw however looks great and may be the only redeeming factor about this whole show.

I was positively Cringing at Inhumans

The actors are probably just victim to an

on the other hand I really don’t think some of them even did their research. Anson Mount tries to insert a quirkiness and humour to Black Bolt in the third act of the episode which is unwelcomed by anyone who knows this character.

The small attempt at banter and humour comes from Gorgon and Karnack in the earlier scenes but soon vanishes and barely manages to raise a smirk, again unlike most MCU projects that consistently produce laughs. Serinda Swan does do a good job of Medusa but isn’t helped by the script and what are some very bizarre and rushed flashback sequences.

I specifically had issues with the flashback showing Blackbolt murdering his parents which should have been drawn out a lot longer and resonated but is so overlooked it ends up almost coming off as dare I say, funny. Speaking of flashbacks, at one point in the third act we see flashbacks of what happened literally 5 minutes ago with no reason for it whatsoever. I’d like to at this point also give a shout out to Isabelle Cornish who is perfectly terrible.

If they wanted to portray this character as a hollow teenager they should’ve casted an actual teenager. They’ve given Crystal 0 depth and at some points it almost seems like she’s been hit on the head or is auditioning for a school play. The surfer dudes have maybe been to the same drama school as Isabelle though because I was positively cringing during the scene with Gorgon.

Okay, Deep breath

The action is unmemorable with no thought put into the ways each character can use their gifts rather than just fisticuffs. The idea with Karnack using his fault-finding powers could have been Sherlock level cool but they AGAIN held back. It also seemed like he completely forgot these powers when climbing the mountain in Hawaii.

This is just one of many errors amongst others like gaping plot holes, simple editing issues and some poorly timed music sequences that hold no relevance of a good soundtrack……

…Okay, deep breath. I think I’ve covered everything but I’m sure I will wake up during the middle of the night with more complaints about this miss-adventure from Marvel. I genuinely hope that this is cancelled so that it can be forgotten and Marvel can maybe one day do Stan Lee’s and Jack Kirby’s tale of a secret Alien civilisation who live on the moon justice.

A rushed, limited and poorly written piece which attempts to ride off the success of the Marvel Cinematic Universe but without any of its charm or spectacle.

So this hot mess is getting a 2 out of 10 for Ben Outta Ten.

Release date:  29 September 2017

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