Neo Yokio – Why Netflix Shouldn’t Make Anime


Neo Yokio is a new anime style Netflix Original Series which adds another point to the already extensive list of reasons why Netflix should leave anime alone.

If you’ve been wondering where all the Toblerone jokes on your Twitter wall seem to be coming from then Neo Yokio is the answer.

What is Neo Yokio & Why Was It Made?

Neo Yokio follows the story of Kaz Kaan, a

in an alternate version of New York city that has been heavily influenced by Japanese culture.  Kaz is the foremost exorcist as well as a top-ranked eligible bachelor in the City.

What’s the story?

The “story” follows him being constantly distracted from hunting demons due to his obsession with fashion, romance, and field hockey.

The plot does sound pretty tame on paper at least as far as anime are concerned. The show has some pretty big names behind it such as the Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig, and stars Jaden Smith.  Neo Yokio is, at heart, is supposed to be just another fantasy-comedy anime but the only thing it manages to be is a cringy hilarious train wreck of a show.

Neo Yokio managed to get me laugh out loud on more than a few occasions entirely due to the cringe and the fact that some people actually sat down and thought that airing this show would be a great idea. At comedy, the show fails just as bad as the voice acting. Failed comedy is the worst possible thing that can happen to a show and Neo Yukio is full of it.

Failing At Comedy On A Whole New Level

The majority of the jokes in Neo Yukio are based on high-end luxury-goods related one-liners that almost always fall flat on their face. If I was to point out the exact reason that made the show so unbearable to watch the timing and delivery of the jokes would definitely be the main cause.

The show keeps throwing absurd situations and jokes one after the other without regard for the delivery giving us no moment to register the absurdity since the conversations keeps on going and the next absurd thing just being thrown out .

The dialogue itself feels like something copied entirely from Jaden Smiths Twitter account. The show tries to pull off social commentary like most Western shows such as South Park but manages to even mess that up with the dead beat performance and stale one-liners.

Social commentary is added to scenes without any semblance and seems to be entirely out of nowhere, inserted only for the sake of saying something regardless of the occasion which only got worse the longer the show went on.

Voice Acting & Animation

In six episodes of , I can only recount a couple of scenes where the animation was subpar at best. The show uses a blend of Boondocks style animation with Japanese anime animation which results in an uneven blend of characters that look extremely out of place. None of the characters move or act right.

The show was produced by Production I.G and generally looks like a low budget

anime whose artist gave up before even getting started. The only exception is the background animation that looks just good enough to avoid looking like a low-budget production.

My greatest gripe with the show is voice acting. Even experienced professionals would have a hard time making the dialogue feel energetic and comedic in Neo Yokio but what we get is an entire cast of people that are voice acting for the first time (and hopefully the last) in their life.

Lexy and Gottlieb the two other main characters are played by Vice/MTV/ celebrities Desus and Mero. What’s surprises me the most is that the fashion blogger Helena is played by actual fashion blogger .

When it all comes down to it, productions like Neo Yokio are exactly the reason why I treat all Hollywood Collaborations and Japanese Influenced productions with a certain amount of trepidation.

The only reason I can even think of why this even became a show is due to the big names attached to the project which shows just how little Netflix cares about the anime content on their site.

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