[LIST] Netflix Anime Coming Soon


Netflix has adopted anime with open arms and has certainly become a major competitor for other networks like Crunchyroll and Funimation.

It’s getting real up in here, these are anime that are coming soon to Netflix.

Cannon Busters

Have you ever wished for a robot friend? Yeah, me too, it beats all those annoying and backstabbing people you meet in your life time. Having a loyal friend by your side at all times is something we dream of, well in the future maybe we can make one thanks to technology and the advancements of A.I.

But until that time comes we’re just going to have to stick with anime. Cannon Busters follows S.A.M, a young and pretty girl also did I mention she’s a friendship robot? Well she is and a high-end one.

S.A.M partners up with a trashed maintenance robot and a deadly criminal, an unlikely partnership isn’t it? These 3 go on an epic adventure to a powerful kingdom which is being invaded in-order to find S.A.M’s best friend.

Devilman Crybaby

An ancient race of demons had been living on the Earth far before humans came into being. These demons are unstoppable and mankind’s weapon seem to have little to no damage on these brutal demons. Ryo Asuka, the best friend of the main character “Akira Fudo” suggests Akira to fuse with a blood drenching demon.

Akira ultimately succeeds in fusing with one of those demons and now has the power of a demon yet still possess the soul of a human. A half demon and half human, this monstrosity has been dubbed Devilman.

Sword Gai: the Animation

A dark fantasy manga that is now finally being produced as an anime. It all started when a sword smith named “Amon” found a baby in the forest and adopts this abandoned new-born baby. This boy is later named Gai and has become Amon’s apprentice.

While making a sword Gai loses his right arm in an accident. Later on, Amon decides to attach a demonic sword called “Shiryuu” in place of Gai’s lost right arm. This demonic sword has been handed down for many years and now it’s not just a sword that’s wielded but a sword that’s replaced a limb.

Because of this Gai is drawn to a cruel fate and is constantly being chased down by an organisation that wants to kill him.

A.I.C.O. Incarnation

In a futuristic Japan 2035 a group were researching artificial life when suddenly a major incident occurred called “Burst”. The Burst incident was troublesome to many because its cause was unkown, a couple of years later high-school student Aiko finds a secret about her self. And this may explain Burst.

Yuuya Kanzaki was the girl who told Aiko about these secrets and it’s hidden within her body.

Lost Song

The power of song is able to heal wounds, create water and stir the winds, both Rin and Finis share this incredible power. Rin is a young and energetic girl who loves to eat, we all know and love those female anime characters who love to eat *cough*cough . She also lives in a small village

I guess you can say Finis is the opposite since she lives in a beautiful royal palace and stays in isolation. War is a constant threat to the kingdom and these 2 heroine use their powers to help others in need.

Knights of the Zodiac: SAINT SEIYA

A young boy named “Seiya” manages to become a powerful warrior referred to as a saint. He joins other saints in the task of defending a reincarnated Greek God named “Athena”, battling it out against other Gods for the power to rule Earth.

Each knight has a special armor tailored for them based on their zodiac constellation and are dubbed Knights of the Zodiac. Assisting the lustful Greek God Athena in fighting the other Greek Gods. This series will cover the first 4 arcs of the original series.


This anime is one I’m personally looking forward to. Baki follows a man named “Baki Hanma” who is undergoing intense training for the purpose of surpassing his father “Yujiro Hanma”, the most powerful fighter on the planet. 5 of the most brutal inmates on the planet plan on fighting Baki but probably not for the reason you’re thinking right now.

These 5 inmates want to face Baki for the purpose of tasting defeat.


…these few inmates have become extremely bored of being so overwhelmingly powerful and skilled at fighting. These inmates have high hopes that Baki will completely annihilate them.

Many other underground warriors team up with Baki, now Baki and his buddies decide to take on the violent underground inmates of the world.


In the city of Fuyuki heroic spirits and magi clash in a Holy Grail war and amidst the intense fight a magi manages to get away with the Holy Grail. Years later an association sends assassins after them but this effort was made in vain since these assassins are actually wiped out.

Another Holy Grail war will take place but this time the factions will fight each other with their servants will take place in Trifas, Romania.


We can’t go a week without someone mentioning Godzilla, it’s become so unbelievably popular, an icon that’s become notorious especially amongst the Japanese.

Humans have been forced to find refuge amongst the stars because Godzilla has destroyed the planet and has nested there. Mankind simply could not survive out in the stars and they failed to find a planet to inhabit, at this point the remains of mankind had their backs to wall.

It was either kill or be killed, the only option they had was to return to their home world and take it from this monster which is named Godzilla.

FUN FACT: “” directed by Hideaki Anno earned 82.5 million US dollars at the box office in 2016


So 2018 will be an incredible year for anime and these are just to name some on Netflix. How about the anime not on Netflix but are instead being showcased on different platforms? 2018 can’t come soon enough.

Anime is a brilliant way to kick back and have a cool drink, whether it’s with friends or on your own. Anime is no longer a niche thing, we are witnessing it becoming mainstream. People aren’t just referring to anime as cartoons, THANK GOD! Instead a-lot of people are diving into anime head first because of its reputation.

I’m sure you already know anime’s reputation as being incredible, creating stories we’ve never seen before like Berserk and Code Geass. Even Hollywood knows that anime is still an untapped market and if they get the tone right then it’s a major money opportunity.

Unfortunately a great live-action anime has not been produced as of yet. A lot of them have been a let down and the main reason was because it did not stay true to its source material like that awful Dragon Ball movie and Ghost in the Shell.

But there is still hope and I’m sure it will come. So these were the Netflix releases 2017.

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