The Lego Ninjago Movie – Review [SPOILERS]


but never the less ** although It’s not like LEGO has a plot as thick as Dallas or anything. I would like to give a forewarning that this film is definitely not as strong as either The Lego Movie or The Lego Batman Movie. However, it is still a fantastic family flick and still leaps and bounds above most of the competition.

Jackie Chan voice acting in all his glory

A turning point and real shock came during the third quarter of The Lego Movie in that Will Ferrell and son real-world scene. The Batman movie decided to opt against this whereas

decides to open with it. This allows for the audience to see

in all his glory ahead of the voice work in the film.

As always, he is charming and charismatic but the scene itself feels a bit cheesy and ultimately not as funny as the exchanges with Ferrell and his son. I do think Batman should’ve kept with this theme though and maybe had a scenario where an ex Bat like Keaton or the late Adam West was playing with his Lego or something.

Great actors don’t make great voice actors

The cast for me is very

across the board. The other films have such strong use of character voicing and this felt like we only got that level of heightened character work from 2 or so cast members. The ones I am referring to are Justin Theroux’s Garmadon who is full of energy, fun and non-threatening but evil intentions.

The other is Zach Woods (Ghostbusters: Answer the call) as Zane (the robot Ninja) Zane provides some of the best comedy in the flick perfectly delivering robotic lines of confusion. I also felt Dave Franco does a consistent job as Lloyd who plays the part of angsty teenage hero well. However, the supporting cast all fell flat. Michael Pena particularly wasted alongside the rest who all seem far too generic in their approach to what should be silly and out their characters.

The result is that you end up forgetting half of the Ninjago clan where really kids should be coming out of the cinema debating which one is the best. The lesson should be great actors don’t necessarily make good voice actors. Jim Cummings could have been Cole or maybe even Tara Strong as Nya?


This film decided to incorporate more real-world item amongst the Lego too which for me took away from the joy and

of our two predecessors. That said the Cat idea was a good one and it was so much fun seeing Meowthra destroy its surroundings and the juxtaposition of the Lego townspeople’s panic alongside the cat’s joy.

This was the only action highlight for me as the rest of the sequences lack any memorable moments, on the other hand, a certain Dragon mech missile gag had me in stitches.

Yellow Men Collide

This film still has a great heart and fun visuals but the usual Lego Movie quick-witted scripting seemed to be lacking this time around.

Not that memorable and the designs won’t sell as well as the other films in the toy stores but as films go the effects and humour are still leaps and bounds about other family outings and you still get that sense of play when seeing your favourite yellow men collide on the big screen. Lego is still carving out a fantastic cinematic universe for themselves and The Lego Movie 2 is next.

Final Rating

6 bricks out of 10 for Ben Outta Ten

Release date UK: September 22, 2017

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