Mario Odyssey Best Mario Game


Super Mario Odyssey is the next big game in

Switch’s line-up. At first glance, one can easily tell that Nintendo has taken Mario away from the classic 2D gameplay into a 3D “open-world” game. On the surface,

looks like a wildly different game which has many fans concerned that whether the game can reach the same heights as Super Mario 64 which to date is regarded as the only good 3D Mario game.

Super Mario Odyssey: What’s The Story?

The story goes back to the basics in Super Mario Odyssey. Princess Peach gets kidnapped by Bowser to try and marry her, forcefully. To save her, Mario has to team up with a magical hat called Cappy. The game will span over multiple different worlds but each world provides you with full freedom of movement letting you fully explore the environments making Super Mario Odyssey by far the biggest Mario title to date.

Looking at the game and setting, one can’t help but draw a comparison between the beloved Mario 64 and Super Mario Odyssey. Both games have a lot more in common besides the 3D gameplay. For starters, both games share a similar antiquated theme and has many gameplay elements similar to Mario 64. For example, in Mario 64 you needed to collect stars by traveling to multiple different worlds to save Princess Peach but in Super Mario Odyssey you’re tasked with collecting Moons in a similar way by traveling to multiple different worlds. The “Moons” will be needed to power Mario’s new ship called the “Odyssey” and can be found scattered everywhere in worlds.

Super Mario Odyssey: The Gameplay

Movement is by far what makes a 3D Super Mario game great and Super Mario Odyssey makes sure not to disappoint on it. One of the major things that made Super Mario 64 such a great game was the movement and how smooth it was. Super Mario Odyssey adds all the classic movements and aerobics like the backflip, long jump, side jump and wall hop accompanied by a new front role along with Super Mario Odyssey’s biggest new feature “Cappy”.

Cappy adds a whole new variety of movements that integrate seamlessly what Mario’s current move set. It acts as a weapon, helps extend the length of jumps and also LETS Mario possess his enemies to do whatever he wants. As far as gameplay is concerned, Super Mario Odyssey has it nailed. The movements are fluid and work perfectly in the many environments we’ve seen leading many to believe – including us – that this just might be the next big Win for Mario.

Super Mario Odyssey: Will It Be The Best Mario Game?

Super Mario Odyssey feels just like any other Mario game, but at the same time feels a lot more than that. Super Mario Odyssey takes the basic plot, adds new gameplay elements, and gives us full freedom to explore the world Mario is set in. Couple with fluid movement and controls along with a variety of fun challenges and puzzles, Super Mario Odyssey has everything it needs and more to be the best Mario game or even the best game of the year!

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