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October 19, 2007 at 11:34 pm

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I missed blogging Sara’s 7-month birthday by four days.

Honestly, I plan to get back to more substantial blogging but for now it’s just bulleted lists, I’m afraid:

* If you’re subscribed to Flickr.com (it’s free) and we have you flagged as a friend or family member, you can see new photos of Sara in . If you want to be added, drop me a line here or on Flickr telling me who you are and why I should care. {grin}

* Sara’s first tooth is starting to break through her gumline, just in time for Halloween (every good goblin knows you need a fang or two!) She’s back to drooling and gnawing her hands, feet, and anything that’s not nailed down, as a result. She’s still as happy a baby as ever, and getting so strong!

* The SAS Shoes’ 18th annual

last Saturday was wonderful, as always, with the added bonus that for the first time in several years it wasn’t raining! Sara rode the 3 miles in her Baby Bjorn, which Justin kindly wore this time (I was pregnant with Sara at last years’ walk, so I figure I’d logged my turn to carry her first.) Justin posted a few photos on our Flickr feed, but I need to post a few more.

* I’m not even sure I really blogged about Sara’s first “camping” trip in mid-September. I’ll have to go back in my archives, but I suspect it fell by the wayside like so much else. I know we have a few photos from the trip posted already, and I may have mentioned the (thankfully minor) rear end collision we experienced while parked at a McDonald’s in Bastrop.) Still, there was some more I wanted to post about the trip.

* My weight loss goal of being back to my ideal, hell, even pre-pregnancy weight by the time Sara turns one year old? Yeah, not going so well. I like Dr. Pepper too much, and I seem to have a newfound allergy to exercise. I’m not proud of it. The weather’s getting nicer and I hope to kick myself in the pants and get back to walking and such, for Sara’s sake as much as for my own.


Since I’m faltering toward the end of my list here I’ll also just note that my allergies have gotten the best of me, and I’ve been feeling like I’m wrapped up in fifteen layers of bubblewrap for the past week or so.

For a klutzy gal like me, that might sound like a good thing, but alas, it’s not–I can’t breath properly; I can only hear a muffled din of what the real world sounds like; I am tired of blowing and wiping my nose and choking anytime I try to simply clear my throat.

The good news is it’s just allergies. The bad news is South Texas got so much rain our allergen-producing vegetation is three-times larger and more prolific than it’s supposed to be. Sara, however, thinks it’s hilarious, so at least there’s an upside.

Sneezes are especially popular, especially if you belt them out in quick succession.




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