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November 4, 2007 at 10:36 pm

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It occurred to me that I haven’t seen a first-run movie in quite awhile. We did sneak one in (appropriately, it was “,”) during the latter half of my pregnancy, but before or since then? A marked dry spell. Does it bother me? Nope. We’ve got all the excitement of a good first-run showing every day of the week, with Sara still literally changing every day.

If I haven’t mentioned it, she says “Mama” all the time now, almost to the exclusion of “Dada,” much to Justin’s dismay. (I remind him, “But ‘Dada’ was her first word!)

Today, she learned how to say a new consonant — “N” — so I was trying to find “N” words for her to say: Norton (our tuxedo cat’s name, named after Norton Anti-Virus / Systemworks / etc.); nano (as in iPod), newbie/noob; you know, all the important stuff!

She’s also —>this close< — to crawling, having recently mastered the ability to crawl backward. And sitting up? Piece of cake. She now prefers sitting when she's playing, and when she eventually topples over she doesn't start crying, she just looks around and goes on playing (she's on nice foam mats both here and at my parents' house, so it's more a question of if the act of toppling over startles her.) She's just a joy, even when she's over-tired, extra "urpy" (tons o' spit-up,) or perfecting her B movie horror flick actress scream despite me having a raging headache. About two weeks ago, she started to put her arms up/out when she wants Justin or I to pick her up, and it's just the most heart-melting thing when she does it... especially if it's coupled with puppy dog eyes or a pouty lower lip. Rewind several months, when I was melancholy about her seemingly growing up too quickly. While it still tugs at my heartstrings to see the full boxes of clothing she has already outgrown, it's clear to me now this gal just gets cuter, more lovable, more undeniably awesome. Seeing her personality take shape, interacting with her and seeing the "gears" working in her mind, hearing her voice and experiencing her myriad of wonderful smiles, grins, giggles, laughs and chuckles... it's so rewarding I now can't imagine how I thought the newborn stage was somehow the cutest or most precious -- she was, without a doubt, a stunning newborn and under 6-month-old, but y'know what? She's an even cuter, more precious, more intriguing 7.5-month-old. Now, the challenge is to savor the moment and not look too far forward to all the moments we anticipate experiencing and sharing with Sara. Every day is the best day! The loves of my life! « | » Archives from One Year Ago -- 2 Comments November 5, 2007 @ You are ill! (regarding your “Norton (our tuxedo cat’s name, named after Norton Anti-Virus / Systemworks / etc.); nano (as in iPod), newbie/noob; you know, all the important stuff! comment) BTW … I read your last line a bit too quickly as … “I love my life!” rather than “The loves of my life!” … but it is probably just as accurate? November 5, 2007 @ Heheh… Just wait until she starts saying “W” — World of Warcraft, wizard, whelpling, wardialing… As for the last line, it’s definitely equally apt whichever way you read it. · Leave a Comment RSS/XML Feeds This is a Flickr badge showing public photos from . Make your own badge . Building a Fitter Geek Copyright © 2006 Shannon D. Moore. All Rights Reserved.·

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