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January 28, 2008 at 11:19 pm

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Has apparently been replaced with a strong-willed, vocal, expert tantrum-thrower and gymnast of the highest order. She woke up at 2, 4, 6 and 8 AM this (Monday) morning–itself, a major departure from the ordinary as she’s been sleeping through the night for months now–and she wanted a bottle three of those times; not only that, she drank 7+ oz. of two of the three bottles. So, we have a growth spurt on our hands, plus (perhaps) molars or other teeth coming in (or maybe just moving around, since her bottom 2 teeth that are in have been slowing straightening themselves after coming in as a “v” orientation?) Or a growth spurt exacerbated by her testing the waters to see how much the world revolves around her?

I have a cut upper lip from her gymnastic trick of being mild mannered and “sleepy” one moment and then turning into a possessed creature the next, throwing her head back–HARD–into my face. She didn’t so much as cry, meanwhile I’m trying to tone down my cursing and noting, “Man, she’s drawn blood AGAIN!”

She got herself back, today, though. She is crawling like it’s an Olympic sport now (speed skating has nothing on speed crawling!) and her hands slipped on my parents’ hardwood flooring, sending her into a faceplant. Thankfully, she was crawling vs. walking so there wasn’t too much momentum and height to the fall, but she drew blood on her own lip, as a result. A little crying and she was back to racing around on all fours and pulling up on everything she could to cruise around (the sofa, tables, etc.)

Anyway, between the exercise I put in on Sunday (the 13-mile road bike ride) and Sara’s frequent wake-ups last night, the TTT (Terrible Toddler Tantrums) of today were enough to make me one wasted/tired Momma. Apologies to my folks if I was less than congenial or relaxed company. Sara chilled out a lot once her body finally lost steam and she napped on me for 1.5 hours or so (’til I had to wake her up so I could use the bathroom!) She’s a wonderful chicklet, but she is definitely morphing into her own little person, complete with attitude, opinions and a voice that carries.

I’m so far behind on her baby book so I don’t have dates for these things (I think my mom’s got them noted on her kitchen calendar), but in the past month Sara has picked up the following abilities: waving “Hello” either in response to a wave or to the word “Hello” or “Hi;” she also sometimes waves at the cats, passing cars (if we’re outside people-watching), herself on the MacBook (whether it’s my desktop wallpaper of her or a live feed from PhotoBooth), and to herself in mirrors. She also has gotten more ticklish, and is great fun to “attack” and hear her go into a giggling fit (which we have to stop to remind her “Breathe!” because she gets so excited.) She has said “cat” perfectly on several occasions, and looks around her for a cat if we ask her where the cat is. She may also have said “kitty cat” before. “Cat” sounds oddly like “Dad(a)” sometimes, because she repeats it — “Cat Cat” without a sharp “t” sound, usually. Justin and I have heard her say a perfect “Yeah” and “Uh huh” several times at home, which figures since those are words we use quite a bit (so much for Southern hospitality, “Yes ma’am/sir” or “Correct” rarely come out of our mouths, at least around the house.)

Mobility-wise, I really think Sara might be walking before her next well-baby checkup (March 17, I think?) She can balance for more than 8 seconds on the bed, which when you think about it is not the easiest place to balance even for an adult. In the past two days, I’ve also realized she can (if she wants to–she has to be in the right mood to do it) walk with me if I just hold one of her hands. She tires quickly because the balance is still not quite there, but she’s -> < - this close to figuring it out. It's time for me to buy baby gates, but everytime I have time to research them I find myself lost in a sea of mixed reviews. I want a sturdy gate that can't be jarred lose by Sara or our cats, but I also don't want one that I have to wrestle with excessively or have wear out prematurely because I am up and down our stairs constantly at home. Babyproofing is part-way done in other regards--cabinet locks installed throughout (done months ago, thanks to help from my Dad since we lack a proper power drill/screwdriver--lame, I know!), and a door lock to our exterior door (need to add another to our laundry room/garage door), and of course outlet covers. But now that Sara is so much taller, pulling up and cruising on two legs now and crawling at Warp Factor 9.5, I really need to get down on all fours (SHUSH!) and start relocating picture frames, Justin's model airplanes, power cords, doorstops (need to get the child-safe ones instead of the dangerous tightly wound metal spring ones with the easily removed plastic caps), etc. The baby gate I use in our living room is great, but it's now best-suited to uses where it is placed flush against something (sofa, our rowing machine--sigh), etc. because Sara's weight and strength can flex it outward. I probably should zip-tie it to things so it can't also be pulled forward. Even her nursery isn't entirely babyproofed because the changing table's lowest shelf is strong enough to hold diapers and whatnot, but it isn't strong enough if Sara chose to climb on to it. I also am not keen on the old-style toy chest I have in her room (it doesn't have a brace that keeps it propped open), so a trip to Lowes is in our future. In the meantime, it will probably mean moving the toy chest into her closet. At my folks house, she's doing pretty well but keeps me on my feet (literally, like a Jack-in-the-box) by doing rapid crawling circuits from their family room to their foyer and back to their dining area. Thankfully (knock on wood), she has not discovered stairs yet at either of our houses because, really, while "No" is the correct thing to be saying as we redirect her unsafe behaviors, it certainly doesn't elicit the desired response yet. Outside, also with the help of my parents, we have addressed a major safety concern we had by building out a finished side of fence (the do-nothing neighbors on that side haven't replaced so much as a single broken and/or missing board, despite the rapid destruction of same, and we had the cross-beams on our side, so we couldn't even tack up replacements for them (it would require entering their yard). Anyway, said neighbors own varying numbers and types of dogs (varying, because they keep running away under/through holes in their dilapidated fence), although they claim to only have one dog (I guess the others we see are UFOs--Unidentified Fido Objects?) Anyway, by building the equivalent of a duplicate fence on our side, which we can easily replace boards on as needs warrant over time, we can finally take Sara into our backyard again and not have to deal with constant dog incursions from the neighbors' yard. Amen! In addition to reincorporating exercise into my routine, I plan to get Sara out to local playgrounds and parks more often than I have now that she is bigger and really loves watching and interacting with other children. It's not like she's never around other kids--she's got tons of cousins locally--but she really enjoys the interaction, and heaven knows her momma needs some more Vitamin D (sunshine) and time away from the computer. We were going to take her to the Zoo on Justin's birthday earlier this month, but a cold front blew through and it was crazy-nasty weather. Soon, though, soon. That, and I want to get a tent camping trip scheduled for the three of us; we'll probably stick close to home, to the park Justin and I first camped at together all those years ago ( « | » Archives from One Year Ago --, Leave a Comment RSS/XML Feeds Building a Fitter Geek This is a Flickr badge showing public photos from . Make your own badge . Copyright © 2006 Shannon D. Moore. All Rights Reserved.·

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