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February 19, 2008 at 3:32 pm

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(I gotta figure out which I prefer, this is getting redundant redundant.)

So I was jazzed to upload my “Indoor Bike Trainer (Day #1)” Garmin Forerunner 305 data, which obviously for an indoor stationary bike ride just amounts to TIME and HEART RATE (via the 305’s heartrate monitor), at least until my CADENCE sensor arrives (thereby delivering SPEED and DISTANCE data.)

In plain English, here’s what I did today on the indoor bike trainer:

10 min, sustained

(5 minute break to eat and hydrate–had NO energy)

15 min, sustained

LONG break, hoped Sara would be ready for me to do 20 minutes, sustained

10 min, sustained

(-DONE- Sara had meltdown)

Total: 35 min.

Heart Rate:

Average 152 bpm

Peak 167 bpm

I uploaded my 305’s data to

once, twice, three times. Hard-headed gal that I am, I was in denial as to why nothing from my ride was showing up in my Detail or Inbox views. Then I saw all three of today’s datasets were flagged as “Insufficient data.” That blows, but I figured maybe it’s flagged because there’s no speed or GPS track, and maybe once my cadence sensor arrives, that will make happy.

Then I clicked on a help icon next to one of the data flags — “ currently requires GPS

data to create an activity.

Support for non-GPS activities is a high priority and will be added in the near future.” (This message has been on their website since at least November 2006, by the way — ?)


Justin texted me the suggestion to see if Garmin’s Training Center desktop app would accept the data, and it does… sort of. Due to something wonky in either the way I configured the unit or used it, Garmin Training Center is missing 25 minutes of the ride! It pulls in just two sessions, and one of those sessions is -0- duration. Meanwhile, correctly shows 3 sessions totalling 35 minutes, but it won’t display that except to say it won’t work because there’s no track. I know Garmin acquired the website so hopefully their initial rollout will address this inadequacy? (At least !)

So much for motivation through publication (my actual bike rides get uploaded to, and thereby populate the

sidebar on the right side of .

With these two issues, it looks like there’s simply no way to get my indoor bike trainer rides logged, as well.


The data is useful to me, regardless, but the geek in me wanted to be able to chart my progress online, as I’d grown accustomed to doing in my fitter, more active days.

is what I need to work myself up to (data is from Justin’s ride this past Sunday) — almost 2 hours of sustained riding, with his heartrate in Zone 4 or above for over 60% of that time. Of course,

(as of March), including the Valero MS 150 (150 miles in 2 days, San Antonio to Beeville for Day #1, Beeville to Corpus Christi for Day #2) and, more recently, Conquer the Coast (Corpus Christi.) More @




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February 21, 2008


If Garmin ever launches “Garmin Connect” I think they may finally solve this issue since indoor training seems to be a specific activity they mention on their newer products like the Forerunner 50/405.

We’ll see!


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