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May 18, 2008 at 10:08 pm

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Sorry for the absence of posts. I’ve been busy, sick (since Friday) and just generally predisposed to do “micro-blogging” via

lately. There you can find me chatting about motherhood, geekery, cycling, hybrid vehicles and who knows what else.

Don’t forget , as well; I generally send at least a few photos to Flickr every day via my cameraphone.

As I said, I’m sick, so if this post is disjointed I blame the NyQuil that is soon to take effect (I hope).

The blog needed a post about Sara turning 14 months old as of Wednesday, May 15. We don’t have another checkup with her pediatrician until next month (last visit was right at 12 months of age,) so we don’t now how much she weighs but she is growing both in height and girth. I’m certain she is still tracking in the 25th or less percentile for weight, but that’s the track she’s been on since she was born.

I wish my blogging hadn’t fallen off in the past several months. Sara is growing and changing in so many wonderful ways. She is starting to exhibit more of her own personality traits, including various likes and dislikes.

She now points in earnest to objects or things she either wants (toys high up on a shelf) or things she wants us to acknowledge (cat, people outside, cars). She also is quite verbal, athough she is clearly ahead of us on the Toddler < -> English translations. Words we have recognized and that she uses fairly often include: Mom, Mama, Dad, Dada, cat, kitty cat, grandpa, grandma, welcome (as in “you’re welcome”), baby. She recognizes more words than she can articulate, including: ball, water, bath, caterpillar (she has a toy caterpillar), table, head, belly, bellybutton, feet, toes, teeth, bird, etc.

We have already started seeing some TT (temper tantrum) behavior; it is nothing major, yet, but somehow she already knows the ol’ “go completely limp while walking and holding Mom’s hand, ” trick.

She is now an excellent walker, and in fact is getting running down pretty well, too (yikes!)

She loves music and will often stop what she’s doing to start dancing and/or “conducting” the music when it comes on. She enjoys the outdoors and is very patient with me as I mow the lawn, water plants or plant in our garden; usually, she observes these activities from the 100% shaded comfort of her B.O.B. stroller, but we enjoy prowling for sticks, leaves and such, as well.

Sara has already been camping twice–once in a cabin and once in a tent. She has stayed overnight at the Texas Gulf Coast and visited the Texas State Aquarium. She has visited the San Antonio Zoo and, most recently (Friday before last), she has spent the day at Sea World. The Sea World visit was a blast, although it was an absurdly hot, sunny day and we were only able to catch the Shamu show, “Believe”.

I still need to blog about the experience of visiting the park 20 years after its opening.

Sara has still never been sick, not even a sniffle, which is more than I can say for Justin or myself in the past 14 months.

{The NyQuil is working… going to post this and revisit it later tomorrow in case I have anything to add.}




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