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July 31, 2008 at 9:50 pm

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Note: This entry was actually started on MONDAY, July 28 –

It’s clear from my infrequent blog posts that I’ve been fighting “the crud” (sinus infection and, for awhile, lower respiratory infection) for months, really. About the time I’d get so fed up with it that I’d entertain going to the doctor, it would seem to abate, but only long enough to sneak up on me by the following weekend. When you have bad allergies (forget “seasonal”–these are omnipresent) you sometimes forget when you’ve crossed the line from “Geez, this is a horrible allergy season and I can’t remember the last time I felt really GOOD,” to “Geez, I feel really, utterly awful…the worst I have in a long time. And I don’t seem to ever being getting WELL.”

I woke up Monday morning feeling especially crappy, and finally decided it was time to drag my sorry carcass to the Texas MedClinic. I’ve known I was dealing with a full-blown, tenacious sinus infection. (It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to correctly identify a rocket!) However, by Monday morning my left eye was painful and the area around it was swollen, red and purple, itchy and… numb, like I’d been shot with Novacaine. I know, how can you be numb and in pain in the same area? Go figure!

Anyway, the sinuses in the left side of my face have been especially angry, so much so for several days prior to Monday’s “eye opening” experience (*groan*), I’d been unable to chew food on the left side of my mouth because my furthest molar in my upper jaw couldn’t handle any pressure without sending shockwaves of pain through my head. Think exposed nerve. Think the kind of pain you imagine you’d feel if the dentist forgot to numb an area of your mouth before setting to work on a root canal.

All the pains, and now numbness, were puzzling and setting off alarm bells, but the eye is really what made me go straight to the doctor. As I posted on, “More than four weeks of recurring sinus pain and congestion and it took this to finally make me haul my ass in to the doctor. I’m not playing around with something that could turn into .

To make matters worse, Justin is out of town from midday Tuesday through much of Saturday, shooting photos at

(the world’s largest airshow) for . Not only would I be on my own with our beautiful, full-of-energy 16-month-old, but I’d be on my own and potentially in need of an emergency doctor visit if I didn’t act a *little* proactively! The fact that Jus had taken Monday off to prepare for Oshkosh turned out to be doubly beneficial, since it meant I could go to the MedClinic and he could be with Sara, removing one more mental “obstacle” I’d set up for why I didn’t want to go to the doctor.

So I dragged my arse to the MedClinic down the street on Monday morning shortly after they opened at 8 AM. From my Twitter feed on Monday:

“Going to medclinic. Sinus pain unbearable and now eye is swollen. Sigh ”

Other than going to the doctor and picking up my prescriptions on the way home (10 day course of antibiotics, corticosterioid nasal spray and prescription eyedrops), the only thing I did other than SLEEP was post a couple illness-related photos to Flickr -> . What a gripping life I do lead, eh? {Bridget Jones’ Diary reference}

Anyway, it’s now THURSDAY at 10:30 PM and I can report I have been feeling progressively better since the meds started coursing through my system. I am still not 100%, but today was the first day I felt up to dropping Sara off with her other grandfolks’ (Justin’s parents) so she could play with her cousins who were also there for the day. With Sara safely and happily ensconced in games with her cousins, I came home and made a whirlwind attempt to catch up on all the things I had fallen behind on during my sickbed days:

I was also eager to indulge in some World of Warcraft, but my desktop computer was slightly out of commission–slow as molasses. Last night, right after Sara fell asleep, I managed to complete the initial installation of our business’ shiny new HP MediaSmart Home Server (shipped with one 500 GB drive and upgraded with two 1TB drives; still with one hot-swap HD bay free) and I didn’t pay attention to its default backup routine so it started dutifully backing up my desktop computer. Problem — MOST of the 850 GB of data on my desktop computer actually is migrating *to* the server, so I don’t really need/want a backup of it made on the server…. certainly not when it takes from midnight to 3 PM to reach 3% completion. So anyway, I let it run but killed it when I got back home with Sara this evening. I will start the data migration soon, maybe tonight? Sara’s down for the night; she blissfully went to bed without any crying and without fighting, even though she slept an amazing 2.5 hours with her grandma & grandpa Moore today.

PS: Sara is amazing and I really wish I could find the time to blog about her every single day because there is something to share–a photo or video or anecdote or new thing she’s doing–every single day. She has her domain names still, like any good geek gal over the age of 12 months. She has seemed to know I’m not operating at full efficiency, and on Wednesday she even

early in the day and indulged me as I watched Fraggle Rock with her (normally a nighttime routine for us).

I’ll try to resume a more predictable blogging schedule, but I am insanely behind on the sites I own and manage that generate actual income, so forgive me if this site remains a forgotten stray for awhile longer.

Last message to Justin this evening, sent via my Blackberry to his and repeated here because it’s so true: “Love you hon. I wasn’t built to be a single gal. Miss ya.” I don’t mind him traveling, and before Sara joined us a one or two night business trip was kind of exciting–a change from the norm. But almost a full week away, and with Sara now, and with being on the mend from illness? Gah. Bring my babe home… when they’re done with him, anyway.




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