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January 9, 2005 at 6:21 pm

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First off, belated congratulations to Noah on the

of his website! Bravo, mate!

I’m a bad parent, however. While I know my eldest website, , turns ten years old this year, I do not know its actual birth date.

I guess since the gestation period and “birthing” process of a website are, well, perpetual, it never occurred to me to mark the official date the site went online.

That’s my excuse, anyway!

The domain name itself isn’t ten years old, but the site’s concept was already germinating in early 1995 on a free web account a local entrepreneur provided.

The offer went something like this: “I’ll give you a free web account if you’ll put up some pages about your travels. It’ll help drive traffic to my site.” “But I don’t know HTML!” “Well, it’s time to learn, then, isn’t it?”

So, I began learning, as I always do.

I didn’t understand online branding very well, so I chose the impossibly long and overly limiting website name of “,” which over time got munged into the acronym “STORP”. Of course, only my closest friends and I really felt geeky enough to use the acronym in actual conversation. After all, it sounded like “Stork” or “Strip” or “Stop”, only the latter of which is remotely effective as a mnemonic for a travel and outdoor recreation website.

Within a couple years, the website had outgrown my first web host (irking him to no end, judging by the colorful metaphors my request to move generated). I’d found myself investing more and more time, creativity, and ambitions into the little project; the website needed to grow, and it needed to move on to do that.

As a college student, I was all about getting something for nothing. So when another, competing, ISP — with faster servers and a more feature-rich service offering — dangled a free Internet account my direction, I siezed the opportunity. I also finally realized the value of a domain name with less than ten syllables, and registered WildTexas.com with Network Solutions. That date, I do remember (thanks to online DNS records) — May 29, 1997.

My eldest website is ten years old.

Holy cow, how did that happen? …probably the same way I ended up running a hobbiest Bulletin Board System, “Tranquility Base BBS”, from 1990 to 1995 — one keystroke at a time!

So, Happy Birthday, Wild Texas — you’ve come a long way, baby!

(If I can find my old index page somewhere, I’ll post it so I can be suitably embarassed. And before you try the , that won’t help.

I was all about properly migrating sites, so all you’ll get is a manual redirection page to the present-day WildTexas.com!)

btw: This was .





January 9, 2005


Happy birthday!

(I guess I could be suitably embarassed by that STORP logo I made… those were the days.)


January 9, 2005


Oh my goodness, now I really do need to dig out those archives. I must be getting old to have forgotten your custom logo (a good thing you made one, too; I remember my crappy Ulead 3D Studio attempt at a logo… {cringe}!)

Now, where did I put all those 5.25″ diskettes!?!

Juuuuuust kidding!


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