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January 29, 2005 at 11:35 pm

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Justin and I shared an enjoyable evening at home with my brother as our guest.

We watched “Chronicles of Riddick” and “King Arthur”, and the guys also did some multiplayer gaming. I enjoyed both movies, but divided my attention between the television and my laptop. I still haven’t managed to spend my $110 gift certificate to, and I was hoping to place the order before Monday. This evening, I discovered the “” product line of luxurious and (apparently) wonderfully scented hand and body lotions, bee wax lip balm and other all-natural items.

We’ll see how much of what I enthusiastically added to my cart I actually check out with, however. I’m still in browse rather than buy mode, so there’s still time for my mind to change drastically.

As for how my knee is faring, it was doing quite well today until I got overzealous (read: stupid) this evening while hunting for a missing cat toy. Moving furniture around is generally not good for knee injuries, dontcha-know?

So, yeah, the left knee is back to hollering, particularly when I bend my knee to go up or down stairs. I tried wrapping it but that lasted all of thirty minutes or so before it seemed to hurt more than help. I really ought to have iced it, rather than putting the knee wrap on. I didn’t have malleable ice packs until I did the shopping on Wednesday, so I keep forgetting I have a pair of them available now.

My current preoccupation (fear would be too strong a word) has nothing to do with the surgery itself, but rather the medical system and its well-known propensity to . From the linked article, approximately 90% of all hospital bills have excessive over-charges, averaging around $1,300 per hospital stay! A direct quote from the article, from a patient-turned-professional-auditor of hospital bills:

I’ve seen $90 charged for a 70-cent I.V. How about $129 for a mucous recovery system? That’s a box of Kleenex.

– MSN Money

The “Don’t Be Taken for a Ride” section of the article is particularly scary — I have no idea what the answers are to most of those items.

It’s enough to make your head swim! I’ve already had a bit of an introduction to the “Why are they doing this, and how much is it costing?” because even though I’d had 2 x-rays taken on January 18th, the specialist’s office

insisted on 6 additional x-ray films of my left knee on the 24th, making a total of 8 x-rays on my knee in less than one week.

And, ultimately, while the films were all useful for diagnostic purposes (I hope), they were unremarkable — I don’t have any bone fractures or irregularities.

I should be fair, and note the x-rays taken at the specialist’s office were more involved than those I’d originally received on the day of my MRI. Three of the x-rays involved me weight-bearing on my left knee, and several were specifically to detect any patella (knee cap) issues, so I do feel the films probably showed more of what the specialist needed to see than my original films.

Unless it becomes incredibly tedious to do so, I’ll post the itemized lists of various procedures (diagnostic as well as surgery and physical therapy) when that data is made available to me.




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January 30, 2005


It is indeed a sad state when we have to question and then contest every medical service that’s provided to us.

And if we don’t, we get charged for it automatically.


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