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February 9, 2005 at 8:15 am

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I realized last night that with the more advanced exercises my physical therapist gave me Monday, I’m actually only expected to do them 1-2 times per day. That realization helped my mood significantly, since three times a day was getting old, particularly now that each session takes 1.5-2 hours to complete!

I’m sure my PT appointment at 2 PM today will result in additional exercises to add to my routine. I’m not complaining, though… really.

By yesterday’s second and final exercise session, I got through the painful knee flexion and extension exercises a little faster and with more range of motion (ROM).

In fact, I laughed like a schoolgirl when my left heel lightly hit the horizontal brace underneath our kitchen chairs as I did my second set of the flexion repetitions — that’s as much ROM as one can get with an unaffected knee while seated in our chairs!

Justin brought me some fried shrimp for dinner — he knows one way to my heart is facilitated through shrimp (or a scrumptious steak)! After dinner, we watched one of our NetFlix rentals, , which we both really enjoyed; the soundtrack’s great, too — Coldplay and Nick Drake, among others! It was refreshing to watch a movie we could laugh and smile about {Aside: whatever you do, avoid

at all costs… unless you turn it into a drinking game. It might be acceptable in that context!}

After 1 hour 45 minutes with my immobilized left leg elevated on a bean bag chair and pillows during the movie, the pain of the day finally reached my brain.

Rather than a Vicodin, however, I sought comfort in the cryo cuff and CPM machine; I spent 1.5 hours relaxing as my leg did its solitary slow dance in the CPM.

Afterwards, I decided to sleep in my immobilizer, hoping I might get a deeper sleep and avoid the nightly crick in my neck that I’ve developed since returning from the hospital. I’m getting really tired of having to sleep on my back! Sleeping in the immobilizer proved to have its own host of problems: 1) I tend to sleep on my right side, which meant the weight of my immobilizer squashed my right leg, or put extra strain on my left hip and lower back. 2) I still developed a crick in my neck! 3) My leg was much stiffer and sore when I woke up this morning. The good news is I didn’t wake up at 3 AM to make a bathroom visit; instead, I slept until Justin woke up at 5:05 AM (sadly, his normal workday wake-up time).

It’s 8 AM now and I’m nearing two hours on the CPM this morning, with a goal of three before I proceed to the extender box and see how my leg’s doing (unwrap it, wash up around the incisions, etc.) I count my PT appointment as one exercise session, rightfully so, so I won’t be doing my at home exercises until this evening. Thankfully, I successfully washed my hair last night (over the kitchen sink) so it shouldn’t take me too long to get ready before Mom picks me up for PT. I’m looking forward to asking my physical therapist about that numb spot on my lower leg, since it’s starting to mess with my head. I can feel tapping or other deep tissue sensations, but if for example Justin runs his fingers across the area I can’t feel it at all. That’s not right…

It’s been overcast, foggy and rainy here for basically three weeks, and while I drew some strength from that for awhile (because bad weather means I’m not missing out on any fabulous hiking or, less so, photography), I am now absolutely sick of looking outside and seeing a monochromatic landscape. I also forgot to have Justin fill my bird feeders in the backyard, so now all my American goldfinches and mourning doves are making themselves scarce.

I need to incorporate a photo blog into before I’m going to post any more surgery and recovery photos. Otherwise, it’s going to be unwieldy to manage and confusing to navigate.

Hopefully, after I meet with my surgeon on Valentine’s Day for my checkup, I’ll receive or be able to request copies of my arthroscopy photos, if not my x-rays (pre- and post-op) and MRI.

Sadly, I’m sure they’ll want to charge me for the latter, in which case my curiousity and desire to well-document things will have to take a back-burner to practicality. Still, they’re MY films on MY leg, y’know?

(Yeah, I know… if only it worked that way!)

I’ll post another entry after this afternoon’s PT session.

WARNING: “Yucky love stuff” follows!

—–Original Message—–

From: Justin Moore

Sent: Wednesday, February 09, 2005 6:09 AM

To: Shannon Moore

I’m proud of YOU…for your strength and courage during this tough time for you.

You’ve been an inspiration.

Love you very much… – Justin

—–Original Message—–

From: Shannon Moore

Sent: Monday, February 07, 2005 10:23 PM

To: ‘Justin Moore’

I am very proud of you, hon. I’ll keep all my fingers and toes crossed for

you… when I’m not crutching around the house, that is.

Love you, babe. Thank you for taking care of me and for keeping me sane.

– Shan

I love him. He loves me.

To heck with knee surgery, that right there’s enough to get me through anything this world can throw at me!




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