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February 10, 2005 at 8:22 am

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8 AM: I have added a

to the site. Right now, it contains only knee-related acronyms and jargon, but in time I’ll expand it to include technology and other suitably geeky terminology.

9 AM: I’m in the “Dammit, my leg itches like you wouldn’t believe!” stage. It’s awful. I don’t care what recent studies have found, I still think itching is a . Yes, yes, I know itching means my incisions are healing… but oh my word, will it just get it over with already!? You know you’ve got some intense itching going on when

doesn’t provide even temporary relief…

11:45 AM: Ow, pain, ow!

I guess I shouldn’t have skipped yesterday’s second exercise session, despite my exercises being listed as “do 1-2 sessions per day”.

Apparently, my leg expects 2 sessions, minimum.

I probably shouldn’t have stayed up until 1 AM, either!

I just completed all my exercises except for the full 3 sets of 30 knee flexion exercises that are done in a chair; I died on that one at 10 sets into my first 30.

I just don’t have the pain management and range of motion today that I’ve had all the previous days.

I’m not bummed, just frustrated. I think my relatively good mood is due to the sun finally shining again after a 3 week hiatus!

Anyway, I’m back on the CPM with the cryo cuff to calm down my screaming knee. It’s been this way since I woke up at 5:30 AM.

1:13 PM: Alright, I’ve figured it out: Days like today exist to remind us things could be worse, so we’ll savor the good days instead of getting cocky or complacent. I am run-down today and fighting a headache, in addition to the lingering screaming pains from the knee (dulled by the cryo cuff, but still present).

I dropped my crutches in the kitchen earlier, and while heading to the freezer to round up lunch, I nearly walked right into another puddle of water {Aside: I’ll have to politely ask Justin to turn on the overhead lights in the kitchen when he fills my mug in the mornings; I suspect an ice cube or two each day is successfully escaping to the outside world!}

So I feel safer lying in bed even though that’s aggravating my headache and stiff neck.

I’ve found the perfect DVD to watch for this kind of day: .

I haven’t watched it in years, but it’s always had a warm place in my heart.

“You have a Brain Cloud….”

4:55 PM: Still fighting the headache today — it’s more tenacious than my knee, which is back to observing “Itch Fest 2005″!

I should be grateful, I guess: one of my portals is in the “dead zone” on the lateral aspect of my knee, so at least I don’t have additional itchy signals being broadcast by that wound. Still, it’s sort of a mourning period every time I massage my lower leg and hit the “dead” area — something that should be there, but isn’t, at least for awhile.

Justin arrived around 4 PM after having left work a little early to check on me before heading to his

photography class (he’s the instructor, and has been for 2-3 years now!) I had finally drifted off into a nap a couple hours before he arrived, so when the front door opened and it was my darlin’, I put him to work — fresh ice in the cryo cuff cooler, fresh water in my hospital mug, a pre-dinner snack (chips and queso, yum!) and some pillow talk… except I was hogging all the pillows!

Mom and Dad are coming by later this evening with dinner (lasagna!), 1 or 2 bags of ice for my cryo cuff, and some more “Wet Ones” disposable wipes; I’ve been so glad I got these prior to surgery, especially for the first 2 days post-op!

This evening is the first time we’ve had anything approaching a sunset here in San Antonio, and I have all the windows I could reach open to enjoy the natural light. Unfortunately, I think the overcast is returning tomorrow. I’m beginning to think my PT sessions cause overcast weather.

Just kiddin’!




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February 10, 2005


Well, you and Justin don’t have to worry about this month’s hike……I did one for you (Lone Star Trail in the Sam Houston National Forest).

Did you mention sunshine?

Yeah, that was my inspiration.

Keep up the good work on your rehab and you’ll be out in the wild in no time.

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