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February 16, 2005 at 1:17 pm

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1 PM: When your physical therapist jokes the first week that he/she will “be nice to you, for now, ‘cuz you’re new!” — BELIEVE THEM.

PT definitely gets more challenging once your OS has cleared you for full weight-bearing!

Reneé and company worked my butt off today. I did storks (3 sets of 30 seconds standing, balanced, on my post-op leg); standing resistance exercises with a ; 2 sets of 20 repetitions stepping up on to a 6″ platform with my post-op leg, and back down; and of course ten minutes on the stationary bike.

She then gave me a good streeeeeetch which got my eyes watering, but also seemed to help.

Then I got fitted for my ACL brace: a

which, from my brief reading online, can even be used

! It’s good to know one of the things we’ve had to pay for as a result of this surgery — leg immobilizer, crutches, CPM, cryo cuff, knee extender box, medications — at least this brace will remain useful even after I graduate from my PT program. So far, the brace feels good, albeit a little strange, like some creature (I imagaine a koala or, at this point, a sloth) is holding on for dear life to my lower leg!

I am also adjusting to some constant pain, since biology dictates the brace be secured directly over my two largest and most sensitive incisions!

Yes, I had to take a pain pill when I got home from PT today. I feel great, though — liberated! That’s the only word to describe walking out of the PT office today under my own power, carrying my one crutch (I’d left the other in the car) and my immobilizer like the vestiges of a bygone era that they are!

PS: The brace may not look it, and it certainly doesn’t feel heavy on my leg, but it’s made of metal and has 5 Velcro strapping points to securely attach it to my leg in exactly the right position.

Ingenious device, I must say! As it should be, for the nearly

it retails for!

I don’t pay for mine until Friday, so I haven’t felt the sting of the 10% out-of-pocket that I’m responsible for.


With Justin as my spotter, I actually made it up our stairs tonight on my own two feet (and brace), and I slept in our King size bed, instead of the borrowed Double bed I’ve been growing roots in since the !

I even took a shower!

I am not certain who was more relieved about my shower, me or everyone around me. Wet Ones and Huggies unscented wipes just don’t give you that “fresh all over” feeling after 12 days!

Cat News: Blanco had surgery today, and the good/bad news is the veterinarian did not find any obstructions, just an area of irritation. Prior to surgery, he still had not eaten, defecated or thrown up, and he had redeveloped a fever.

He’s staying at the vet’s tonight and probably tomorrow as well, until his fever breaks and he resumes eating during recovery.

Who knew my cat and I would have surgery about 2 weeks apart? {sigh} I won’t even think about the vet bill we have run up by the time this is all over. Blanco’s our kiddo, and short of breaking the law, we would do anything to ensure his 9 lives are lived happily, comfortably and in good health. Unfortunately, thanks to Blanco and I, a huge portion of Justin’s annual bonus has evaporated.





February 16, 2005


Shan…Your brace is an impressive feat of engineering! Haven’t seen one like it before (I think we were both expecting the “open knee” variety)!

I visited your Blanco and our Sundance at the Feline Clinic after work this evening; Blanco was still a very groggy kitty (comfortably wrapped in a big, fluffy towel with his head peeking out, and Sundance was relieved to see both of his parents:-)

I’m sure the vet mentioned it, but Blanco’s inflammation may well be an infection resulting from a slow passage of that ill-designed toy (which shouldn’t be on the market!!) That would explain the fever, too. Let’s hope!!!!!

If Sundance eats successfully tomorrow, we’ll bring him home in the evening…but the jury is still out on benign or…….(sigh).

February 16, 2005


Actually, it is open knee — my photos show the brace with a black cotton leg-sleeve on underneath, since I wasn’t sure I wanted to drive home with a brand new brace rubbing my skin. However, it feels fine directly on skin (which is how I’m wearing it right now; I actually went upstairs and took a shower tonight, thanks to this brace!)

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