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February 17, 2005 at 11:21 am

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11:20 AM: I updated

to include news of my latest achievement: walking upstairs and taking my first shower since surgery.

By the end of yesterday, and continuing into this morning, my leg is in a good deal of pain — not debilitating, mind you, but certainly more than has become the norm. It’s enough to get me back on the pain meds once or twice a day.

I really worked the knee and leg out a lot yesterday at PT, and on Tuesday with all my walking around my house and my parents’.

The brace is still painful, but it’s just a matter of time until the two incisions it compresses are healed.

Today, I’m going to do at least two at home exercise sessions. I slacked off yesterday — PT pretty much took me out, so I didn’t do any further exercising when I returned home. Exercise is the key to rehabilitation, however, and just because the knee is affording me more mobility doesn’t mean I can get lax in my home exercise routine.

In fact, I need to remember to ask the folks at PT when they think I might be able to use my


I used to use that thing religiously, but stopped last fall as my knee got progressively more sore and unstable. Just before surgery, I got on the rower and slowly tried one stroke, but it was too painful. I suspect I won’t be incorporating rowing into my home workouts for some time, yet. Perhaps I need to look into purchasing an inexpensive stationary bike, since I seem to enjoy that so much during my PT sessions — so far, it’s the only thing that lets me get my heart rate up and generate some perspiration!

4 PM: I just returned from a whirlwind of activity. First, I walked 1 mile on a paved walking/jogging trail in my parents’ neighborhood. It took me 38 minutes to walk that mile, but it’s a start! I carried a crutch with me just in case my leg called a strike, but I didn’t use it except on very steep portions or where the pavement is cracking (the trail’s in a bit of disrepair).

After the walk, I did my first post-op shopping, picking up a few more pairs of comfy workout pants for my thrice-weekly PT appointments, some Band-Aids, and some more frozen meals and snacks.

My knee and leg are sore, no doubt, but they’re also functioning well. I’d be lying if I didn’t say I’m a little worried how bad PT is going to feel tomorrow, due to all this activity today.

Time will tell! I have a slight limp which I know Reneé will break me of quickly during PT tomorrow: “What’s that? Hey, No Limping!” I’m pleased to report my brace fits very well — no pinching or migrating down my leg during my 1 mile walk. I wore the brace over my jeans, so I could finally wear jeans again (another milestone!)

Anyway, it’s nearing rush hour time and I should hit the road if I want to make it to my parent’s before the traffic really gets nasty. Justin has his weekly photography course to teach this evening, so even prior to surgery I often spent Thursday evenings visiting my parents at their place.

Mobility’s a great thing!




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