Day 14: Two Weeks Post-Op!




February 18, 2005 at 3:22 pm

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Milestones this Week:

I had to take my Vicodin again this morning prior to my 10 AM physical therapy session. When I woke up, I was sore due to

1 mile walk, but I was okay not taking any medication. However, this morning was manic — we brought Blanco home from the vet, so I had to quickly relocate my

upstairs so I could watch Blanco in quarantine (our master bedroom) today. I must have gone up and down our stairs at least a half dozen times, carrying an armload of stuff on each trip up, and I felt whipped after that.

“Oh boy, now I get to go to PT and really have the snot beat out of me today!”

So, yeah, I took my meds before I left!

At PT, I let Reneé know I’d walked a mile yesterday just in case I was about to have a particularly bad/painful session.

While it was a tough session, it was not grueling. In fact, I felt elated at how well I made it through the exercises. Today, I used a different stationary bike, then did my Theraband resistance exercises, steps, some leg/knee flexion work on the , and my new favorite (I’m not kidding — I’ve wanted to try this one since I first saw it!) — balancing on the post-op leg while throwing a 4lb. ball into a small, tilted trampoline.

That ball throw trampoline work gets your blood pumping all over, and it’s fun once you get into a rhythm; my calves are still burning from that single exercise.

I asked Reneé how often they measure our flexion, since I hadn’t been thrilled with my flexibility on

(Valentine’s Day).

I barely reached 118 degrees on Monday; I had to grit my teeth and struggle more than any of the previous measurements. Since then, I’ve been fighting a mental battle with myself, feeling as though my knee is getting tighter and less flexible. Yesterday’s 1 mile walk was spurred by my inner voice chanting, “You’re regressing. You’re building scar tissue and it’ll be months before you see 120 degrees again!”

Well, inner voice, eat my dust — Reneé brought out the

and had me flex, and flex, and flex, and flex some more.

I kept pulling my knee in until I thought I was about to swallow it. Then, I realized it was my tongue I was about to swallow, due to the ache and tightness radiating across my kneecap and leg. “One hundred thirty,” Reneé says matter-of-factly, and just loud enough for me to hear. “Really!?” I say through a smile and deep breath.


Very good. It’s doing very good!” I couldn’t believe it. I still can’t.

That’s just five degrees shy of what most people consider “full flexion” for post-op

knee patients! If I keep building my quadriceps, hamstrings and calf muscles, and maintain this degree of flexion and extension, I’m gold! What’s awesome is I’m toned and sculpted in places I have never been before, and that’s due entirely to the daily strengthening and stretching exercises as well as the 3x/week PT sessions. It’s nice to get something positive out of the surgery, in addition to a new knee that is!

I’m in a celebratory mood, but I am also absolutely exhausted.

Next week’s physical therapy (PT) schedule:

Cat News: Justin and I visited Blanco this morning and, during the course of our visit, convinced the vet to let us take our white boy home today.

We are awaiting lab results to find out if he’s got a clean bill of health. In the interim, we have our boy back home and he is sleeping soundly. Shortly after I returned from my PT session, Blanco used the litter box and passed more fur from that awful cat “toy” he ingested, so the vet visit (and resulting $1,200+ vet bill), weren’t for naught.

Sadly, they didn’t find anything to remove from his intestinal tract during surgery, so we all (including the vet) feel a little sad and frustrated at having subjected him to surgery.

Nevertheless, we had given him two night’s at the clinic prior to authorizing surgery, and his condition hadn’t improved. All I can say is I’m never buying another cat toy that could even remotely be ingested by any of our three cats. Sadly, that rules out pretty much all cat toys that they’d have any interest in playing with.




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