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February 19, 2005 at 9:20 am

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I was going through my earlier knee-related entries when I realized just how much of my

never got used. For instance, I didn’t read a single book during my first two weeks of recovery — I tried, mind you, but I usually got interrupted by something I needed to do (exercise, eat, take meds, bathroom, sleep!) There just wasn’t much time left in my waking hours, after all the prescribed or biological needs were addressed: at least three 3 hour sessions on the CPM machine, or a minimum of 8 hours daily; 2-hour exercise sessions at home, two to three times a day; antibiotic 4 times a day, with food; pain meds as needed, up to every 4 hours, with food.

I was so busy that first week, I had to keep a paper-based log of my exercises, medicating schedule and upcoming appointments to avoid total confusion!

Thankfully, after the first week, some of the tasks got simpler or more routine. I finished the course of my antibiotic, and wasn’t taking pain meds on as strict a schedule since the pain was diminishing; I could stop having to eat just so I could take my meds. My first week of PT sessions gave me confidence to do my at home exercises religiously, but responsibly.

If my knee was hollering after a strenuous exercise session at home or a formal PT session, I’d Rest, Ice, Compress & Elevate (R.I.C.E.) the leg, instead of pushing it through another one or two sessions that day.

I even started sleeping through the entire night again, rather than waking up at 2 or 3 AM.

In time, everything got progressively easier: repositioning myself in bed, getting dressed, using the restroom, fixing a sandwich or frozen meal for lunch.

Now, I can honestly say I’m more or less back to normal living. I’m still sore and incredibly slow when I walk around, but I no longer have any medical prohibitions. I can drive, sleep without a brace, walk as much as I can tolerate (while braced), and walk up and down a stairway (again, very slowly).

I’ve slept in our master bedroom two nights in a row, and I returned my rental CPM and cryo cuff on Friday. Showering is still both a challenge and a hassle, but my wounds are healing and I’ll soon not have to worry about them getting wet. I bought some Vitamin E oil on Thursday and have started putting it on my incisions/portals to soften the skin — it helps!

Shaving is still best done with a cup of water and a towel, rather than attempting to do the wet stork impression we women have perfected in the shower during shaving.

(I refuse to recreate any of my PT exercises while in the shower!) Getting dressed is easy, particularly now that I’ve purchased several more pairs of loose-fitting pants for PT. You really need several pairs of

pants that are comfortable, flattering, yet accessible to the physical therapist for knee and leg stretching, measurement and assessment.

This coming week will be my first week back at work.

It became quite clear during my first week post-op that my work-at-home status was temporarily on hold. For all intents and purposes, I was on extended medical leave, just as if I still worked in corporate America. Getting cleared for FWB and receiving the ACL brace on Wednesday made a monumental difference in what I could do for myself. Losing those crutches frees up your hands to {gasp} actually carry things from one place to another, without having to resort to sad behaviors such as carrying a bottled water in your teeth! Driving was a huge milestone that I’m still enjoying. Even loading up in the car to go to Target qualifies as a “road trip!” right now.

Cat Update: Blanco is doing well — still sleeping quite a bit, and eating a little more.

He is on


— both are antibiotics to treat the area of inflammation in his intestinal tract.

I have to give him the Amoxicillin twice a day, and the pill is the same size as one a human would take orally. Fun!

The Zeniquin is only once-a-day, and it’s a smaller, oval-shaped pill that should go down easier.

Our vet called last night with the lab results — Blanco’s white blood cell count is normal and the culture they took is normal, except for the presence of a bacteria that can travel from the intestinal tract to become blood-borne. Thus, he’s on the broad spectrum antibiotics for the next 7 days to kill that off. A blood-borne infection would explain his fever and nausea, in addition to having ingested the cat toy. Blanco’s shaved belly currently has at least a 6″ incision running down the middle of it.

We have to take him back in ten days to have his stitches removed, but the vet predicts a full recovery.


is totally how my first post-op checkup with my OS went, too!




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August 20, 2007


I amhaving ACL surgery on 9/7/07.

I am a single, solo practioner attorney and I am scared to death about not being able to work.

I hafe written off week number 1.

I can work at home during week number 2.

I did not have 1 single traumatic injury…I’m an athelete although old enough to be your mom.

I have been doing all the rehab exercises ahead of time…am I realistic about being able to start working after the first week in between all of the exercising?d

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