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February 23, 2005 at 5:01 pm

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It’s mid-week, and I still haven’t fallen back into my pre-surgery “groove” in terms of my work.

I was getting a little down on myself about it, but this too is probably normal. Even if I’d reported to my old corporate desk job this past Monday, rather than my home office,

it would take me several days to get back in the routine and regain productivity.

So, I’m not hassling myself too much over it, though I do need to kick things in gear. Particularly as a small businessperson, work simply does not stop. More to the point, any work you allow to stop withers and dies on the vine — inquiries unanswered, follow-ups unsent, articles and photographs unpublished.

I’d say life’s returning to normal if I’m more focused on what needs to be done than how my knee is feeling. It’s fine, by the way. It lets me know when it’s not happy, but it’s doing well. I stayed up so late last night, I nearly missed PT this morning. I woke up at 8:30 AM which is just 30 minutes prior to when I need to leave for my 9:30 AM PT session.

As a result of not being fully awake when I reached PT, it took a little more out of me than usual — especially the 10 minute bike ride. Strangely, the squats on the Total Gym weren’t nearly as painful as they were , however.

My next checkup with the OS is Friday, March 4, at 3:30 PM.

I suspect my actual visit with the OS will last 5 minutes, while my wait will be about 50 minutes or more.

Thankfully, I no longer have to subject Justin and others to ferrying me to these things, so it’ll just be my time that gets evaporated. That Friday will be a repeat of my

— PT session in the AM, checkup with the OS in the afternoon. Somewhere in there, I’ll actually get work done and do my at home exercises. Right? Right!

Awesome Icing:

Last week during PT, a couple of us were discussing how much we love the cold wraps the therapists use to ice us down after our sessions. Reneé mentioned they get them online, and I asked her for the web address to order one for myself. She said they end up costing a little over $50 once you factor in shipping and all, but I found they were cheaper on (free shipping), and I ordered one.

It’s serendipity that my brand new

arrived today after a PT session and another 1 mile walk.

I can’t wait to ice my knee with a real ice pack at home, instead of the truly sad little ice packs I bought at the drug store!

My Mom has gel packs that are similar to the Elasto-Gel pack in composition, since they stay far colder, but nothing beats the Elasto-Gels.

You know it’s good when a PT clinic relies on them everyday, year after year, to ice their patients! The trick with these is apparently to always put them in a sealed plastic bag prior to placing them in the freezer.

Renee said she’s had one in her freezer at home since 1987, and it’s still going strong.

The wraps can apparently also be heated in the microwave, but no one I’ve talked to actually uses them for anything except cooling — they’re that good at cooling, no one wants to nuke them I s’pose!





February 24, 2005


I just wanted to thank you for your lovely, detailed knee journal. I’ll be having ACL surgery March 11 and you’ve given me tons of useful information it’s been hard to find elsewhere. I can only hope my mindset and progress post-surgery is as good as yours!

February 27, 2005


I am on day 11 (ACL reconstruction only). I’ve been making good progress, doing exercises at home and able to bear weight on one crutch (tho I do still lumber around more so than walk). I was off last week — sometimes it is good to work at a school, but I am back in the thick of it tomorrow.

I’m a little nervous.

Your blog is helpful – thanks for the honesty.

Take care!

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