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February 26, 2005 at 4:31 pm

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The title of today’s entry was going to be “Praise the Mundane,” in celebration of things returning more or less to normal around here. However, I think I might not be there quite yet…

This morning, Justin and I took Blanco

to get his sutures removed. We always feel like traitors when we have to take one of our cats back to the vet so soon after a visit — especially when the previous visit involved surgery. No amount of “It’s alright, baby,” and “We promise, we aren’t leaving you there overnight this time!” seems to help their nerves, or ours for that matter.

It was raining, windy and cold as I climbed in to the back seat of our 4×4 pickup to comfort Blanco en route to the vet’s. With a sweatshirt covering all but one side of his cat carrier, Blanco huddled in the back, blinking widely. He has a deep, heart-rending yowl reserved for moments he wants the world to know he’s upset. This is one of those moments.

Mercifully, the rain let up slightly as we arrived at the vet clinic. Justin maneuvered Blanco out the passenger side of the truck, while I gently attempted to climb out the driver’s side. I rarely ride in the back seat of our pickup, and it didn’t occur to me to avoid sitting on the driver’s side. I led with my left/post-op leg to climb out, as one ordinarily would do (if one had a perfectly healthy knee). My left foot slipped on the wet running boards, throwing me off balance and causing an unstable landing on the wet pavement below. Ouch! Prior to , something like that would have definitely sent me into a heap on the ground due to the instability caused by my severed ACL. Quite honestly, without my , lying in a heap is probably where I would have ended up today, as well. After three good weeks of recovery, my knee got two minor but painful tweaks in the span of 5 seconds this morning. For the past 8+ hours now, my knee has reminded me of those tweaks. Despite several icing sessions today, I have a hot knee again and new swelling around both of my remaining wounds (thankfully, all the portals are thoroughly healed) — namely, the lateral side of my knee and directly below my knee around the shin. Lovely.

Despite the new trauma to my knee, Justin and I both needed to get out of the house today. Since we’d already seen “Hitch” at the theatre yesterday, our viewing options were limited. We chose the Keanu Reeve’s flick, “Constantine”.

In a word: “Eh.” Not awful, but not especially compelling either. I suppose having my knee screaming at me didn’t aid the movie-going experience, either. The seating at today’s theatre of choice wasn’t as conducive to propping my leg up straight as the one yesterday.

I believe I’ve officially had my fill of fun today, and will spend the evening hours camped out on the couch or in bed, alternately icing and stretching my knee.

Hopefully, it will forgive me relatively soon because I really was enjoying not having it burn, throb and ache constantly!

NOTE: I updated my entry from

to include an excerpt from my paper journal.

The excerpt details a 3.5 hour boat tour Justin and I took 3 days after my second knee injury, and a full week prior to my MRI.

I wonder now if I’d have gone on the tour, had I known my ACL was completely severed and I had two meniscus tears?

Sadly, thanks to surgery and ensuing obligations, I still haven’t written my

featured spread for Tom & Darcy Moore run a terrific outfit down in Rockport, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in seeing the world’s only surviving migratory flock of whooping cranes.

We’re nearing the end of the winter, so you’ll have to wait until next winter to see the whoopers in Texas — they’ll begin their migration back north to Wood Buffalo National Park in Canada soon, if they haven’t already. However, Tom & Darcy offer terrific birding tours year-round for the myriad species that traverse the Central Flyway — an invisible “highway for birds” that runs from Mexico, up through central Texas, and into the heart of the USA.




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