Day 23: We Went Flying!




February 27, 2005 at 6:09 pm

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My last flight with Justin was December 18, 2004.


in November had already begun curtailing my favorite activities,

and , due to pain and inadequate strength and flexibility.

Today, we flew to Austin and took a courtesy car to visit

— window shopping for the outdoors enthusiast!

Afterwards, we shared a hamburger and fries at Fuddrucker’s and hopped back into our Cessna 172 SP rental for the return flight to San Antonio. Justin got to use a bit of his IFR (instrument) rating as we flew through a cloud deck at 6,000 feet en route home (), and I got to exercise my too-long-dormant camera trigger finger to take aerial photos ().

My knee fared well, getting a little stiff during the flight but limbering up after a bit of walking at

when we landed. I felt a little funny walking around REI in my leg brace and brand new Vasque hiking shoes (a gift for myself post-op) — a paradox, of sorts.

The day was picturesque and splendid, and I’m so glad I joined Justin on the flight. I had initially begged off due to lingering knee pain from , but twenty minutes prior to Justin’s departure I changed my mind and joined him. Thank goodness for split second decisions, sometimes!

As we taxiied back to park at San Antonio International Airport, a 727 jet took off on the runway perpendicular to our taxiway. I shot two frames as the jet, already airborne, crossed our nose. Only later when I reviewed the photos did I notice — it’s the jet the

charter to take them to all their games! That’s probably as close to an NBA basketball star as I’ll ever get, unless one of the Spurs attends physical therapy at the same time I do… which still hasn’t happened!

Oh, by the way, PT sessions are still Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9:30 AM.

I have my second followup with my OS on Friday afternoon, so we’ll see how that goes. I was a slacker on Saturday and didn’t do any exercises except my quad sets. Today, I more than made up for that — I had to have something productive to do while watching the Oscars.




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February 28, 2005


Hi Shannon,

A message from a cold and freezing Holland.

I am following your diary! So nice to read! I am now 7 days postop after ACL reconstruction (hamstringmethod).

I notice that my rehabilitation protocol differs very much from yours.

I am doing exercises at home and I will start PT sessions tomorrow. I will meet my surgeon again (for the first (!) time after surgery) on the 7th of April.

I am not allowed to put any pressure on my right leg for the first three weeks. Than from week 3 to week 6 I am allowed to increase the weight slowly up to 100%. I have to wear my CTI brace day and night for the first 5 weeks, after that only during the day.

The excercises we both have to do are more or less the same. My surgeon told me that the weakest point of the new ACL will be around 6 weeks, that is why he is quite conservative in his protocol.

So I sit a lot on top of my bed; do a lot of internetting, writing mails, reading, and ofcourse I do several sessions of my excercises a day.We have a guestroom with bathroom on the groundfloor, and I arranged it as ‘my’ room for the next couple of weeks. I am surrounded by flowers, books, the computer, tv….so not too bad!

Best regards, (and sorry for my English mistakes)


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