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March 1, 2005 at 6:58 pm

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First off, I have posted several

from Sunday’s flight with Justin to Austin. Enjoy!

Today, I woke up too late, headed out to my favorite paved walking trail to put in my 2 mile walk for the day, and returned home to do laundry, clean the cats’ litter boxes, and other exciting household chores. I also visited Target to pick up a couple pairs of shorts for PT, since the weather is warming up (over 75 degrees today) and my shorts wardrobe consisted of just two pairs prior to today. Then, I realized it was 2:45 PM and somehow, another day had escaped me without any “real work” getting done.

My knee is doing very well — I didn’t even have to ice it today after the 2 mile walk, although for support this evening I do have it wrapped in an ACE bandage.





March 1, 2005



I am a 31-year old, independent woman, and sports lover….going under the knife next Thursday for my own ACL reconstruction.

I just spent the evening reading your ACL journal! (under the scrutiny of my own beau, who is thinking I’m obsessive too)

I cannot tell you how helpful this journal is!

I injured myself skiing at Vail Feb 13 and the doc there painted a very rosy picture of the operation.

Then, upon returning home, my OS painted a much more sober picture of recovery….more in line with what you post here.

So, your posts are very reassuring, and helping me set more realistic goals for what to expect post-op, working at home, etc.

My op will be outpatient, and my house is 2 story, with bedroom and only bath upstairs….kitchen, etc downstairs.

So, i’m getting a bit concerned about the logistics of it all, but am just really excited to start recovering!

Since I injured myself, I’ve had to have my knee aspirated to remove fluid and it is swelling again, so I need to work on my flexion pre-op, getting work wrapped up, and the house in order….etc, etc…

Oh, so many details!

Thanks for helping me think all this through with your thorough posts and research!!


March 1, 2005



Do you have any way of setting up your basecamp/post-op “nest” downstairs for at least the first week or so?

While it is possible to go up and down stairs on one’s butt, using one’s upper body to pull/push, I do not recommend it.

It was a huge hassle to have to live downstairs with my husband upstairs that first 10 days, but I wouldn’t do it any differently now. It worked well, and made my progress to returning upstairs and sleeping in our own bed all the more rewarding.

My OS hasn’t been much help — I have full faith in him as a surgeon, but all the information and guidance I receive has been from my PT and fellow post-op knee patients.

We have to look out for each other, y’know?

PS: My family started thinking I was obsessed, too. I was researching endlessly, but you know what… that’s the way some of us are: the more information, the better prepared we feel. I would have been a nervous WRECK if I’d only gone by what little my OS and his clinician had told me prior to surgery — far too many things would have come as a complete surprised to me. That’s why I’ve taken the time to document everything I’ve gone through/am going through. Hopefully, it benefits others in a similar situation.

Wishing you the best!

March 2, 2005


Hi Shannon,

Thanks for the reply….The biggest problem with my house is that the only bathroom is upstairs (it was built in the 30’s).

My thinking was that would be the more “strategic” place to locate myself!

I cannot imagine that any other alternatives for relieving my bladder downstairs would be too pleasant!!!!

(trying to stay “clean” with this post!)

Thanks again and I’ll be back, great site!

March 2, 2005



I’m 2 weeks post-op now, partially on the second floor like you, and did ok navigating the stairs on crutches the first week, slowly slowly, one step at a time. For me it’s been been a wierdly welcome hassle, a small regular challenge that’s helped me keep from feeling totally helpless. Each time I did it I felt I’d accomplished something other than just sitting around in a Percocet fog, and as it got easier

I felt like I was getting back in touch with my normally active body, feeling for a little balance, figuring out the best way to do it smoothly. It’s been amazing to me to discover what a huge mental component there is to all of this in addition to the physical challenge. I did my homework on the physical part (like Shannon, with no thanks to my OS) but figuring out ways to live that keep my head in a good place has been just as important.

Go slow and be careful, of course, but if you’re normally active you might take to the stair challenge and find it a bizarrely helpful kind of therapy. Either way, it won’t be long before you’re feeling a little more functional every day.

BTW, at some point you’re going to feel overly obsessed with your knee and wish you could stop thinking about it, especially while in bed wishing you could sleep with that #^%$*

brace. Hopefully you’ll start to be mobile again soon afterwards, get outside and see a few spring flowers, and spend a few blissful moments thinking about other things again.

Good luck!


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