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March 22, 2005 at 10:59 am

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purchased a

recently, and I’ve been “mum” waiting for him to announce it in his blog, accompanied by some photos I took of his new baby.

But I can’t wait any longer!

Especially since my Dad is also buying an 05 Mustang (GT), but his is currently on order with a wait-time of 8 weeks.

I drive a reliable, “responsible” four-door sedan — 1992 Toyota Corolla DX — and I love my car. For a “four-banger,” it has the power to get me out of sticky situations, like when Ford F-150’s nearly

(see bottom of linked entry).

It’s beautiful and still has low mileage (nearing 78,000) since for years it just went between my parent’s house and the

or our apartment/house and work.

I’ve had the “new car urge” for a couple years now, but not seriously — just in a “Wow, that’s nice — what is it?” way.

My primary criterion had been airbags (1992 was the year prior to driver and passenger airbags being made standard in all vehicles sold in the USA) and being higher off the ground so I’m more visible to all the SUVs and over-sized trucks on the road here in South Texas. Occasionally, I have my environmental and “cute” phases — like wanting a tricked out VW Bug or a responsible VW Passat with a sunroof.

At other times, I return to the first car I ever fell in “love” with — the older style Toyota Tacoma 4×4 or Pre-Runner.

And when the Ford Escape came out, that definitely called to me, especially as the Hybrid version came to market.

And yet, this geek gal has a sports car’s enthusiast inside her. I admitted to my dad during a visit on Sunday (as he washed his red Chevy Camero, after having washed Mom’s red Chevy Camero) — I really do drive my little Corolla as if it were a sports car. That’s not to say I “rag it out,” but I definitely let it kick in and take me out of potentially dangerous situations. I love how it handles and I know a higher profile vehicle, even a Ford Escape, loses some of that sensation.

So this all is self-justification for the following: Maybe I’ll get a new Mustang in late 2006 or early 2007. Justin and I have just $400.00 left to pay off Justin’s Ford F-150 Supercrew 4×4 pickup which he rightfully claims he’ll “drive until the wheels fall off.” After the payments are over, we’ll continue paying $600+ “car payments” (we had a 4-year note on the F-150) to use against our credit card debt and pour into investments.

So, we’ll enjoy the car-payment-free status for awhile before saddling up for a new set.

I really like the look of the ‘05 Mustang — it’s a visceral reaction I relate to as a computer geek when I know I’ve found the exact computer configuration I want/MUST have!

I love the look and feel of my brother’s new “Sonic Blue” Ford Mustang, and I can easily envision myself with one someday.

The starting price is in line with the starting price of the Escape Hybrid, and as much as I’d like to be all environmentally savvy, the truth is for as few of the Hybrids as they’ll manufacture it’s a more labor and resource-intensive endeavor.

But I’m dreaming, and will for some time yet.

I can wait — my Corolla’s a beauty and she’ll keep running for decades at this rate. In fact, the hard part will be deciding whether to sell her on the open market or retain her as a utility vehicle.

After nearly 13 full years of garaging her, though, it’d be a sad day having to park her on the curb all the time!

For my fellow new Mustang dreamers, get thineself to Ford’s website and ! (A

is also available)

I’m not responsible for any car payments that may result, however!

Carpe diem!




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