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March 28, 2005 at 5:31 pm

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With so many entries in my “Knee Journal” now, it’s getting difficult for those who are contemplating surgery, or in the midst of their own post-op experiences, to pick their way through the

and find the information they seek. With that in mind, this entry serves as an inital Table of Contents to relevant entries posted thus far.

How did I tear injure my knee (complete ACL tear, medial and lateral meniscus tears)?

– First: ! (November 2004)

– Second: ! (January 13, 2005)

Diagnostic procedures to determine the extent of my injuries:

: .

Now What?

, and setting a date for surgery.

Preparing for surgery:

where I’d spend the first 12 days post-op.

My nerves build up as surgery date approaches…


Connecting with others who have/are/will be going through the same thing:

I read a lot of . There’s strength in numbers!

How Much Might this All Cost?

submitted to my health insurance carrier.

** The Day of the Surgery **

before and after my surgery.

My First Day Back at Home, 1 Day Post-Op:

and adjusting to my temporary handicap.

Adjusting to My New Routine, 2 Days Post-Op:

3 Days Post-Op:


4 & 5 Days Post-Op:

Dealing with

and .

Worried about numbness in my lower leg, 5 Days Post-Op

Getting a little itchy, 6 Days Post-Op:

Celebrating the small successes, 7 Days Post-Op:


Taking one day at a time, 8 & 9 Days Post-Op:

and !

First OS Checkup, 10 Days Post-Op:


Walking without crutches, 11 Days Post-Op

Graduated to a Hinged Brace, 12 Days Post-Op:

Ramping up my exercise levels, 13 Days Post-Op:

Milestones for the second week, 14 Days Post-Op:


Adjusting to more activity, 16 Days Post-Op:

(technically, a no-no still!)

Beginning my third week of PT, 17 Days Post-Op:

Still adjusting to my new schedule, 19 Days Post-Op

My first movie at a theatre again, 21 Days Post-Op:


My first post-op “tweak” of the knee, 22 Days Post-Op:

First Flight, 23 Days Post-Op

Confusion over Type of Graft I Received, 24 Days Post-Op

, rather than a patellar tendon graft?

Whirlwind of Firsts in PT, 26 Days Post-Op

1 Month Anniversary, 28 Days Post-Op!

Time Management Challenges as a Rehabbing Small Business Owner, 29 Days Post-Op

The Power of Positive Thinking, 30 Days Post-Op

Feeling Really Good! Showing Off My New Knee, 31 Days Post-Op

on my own.

Surgical Scars as Badges of Honor, Day 32 Post-Op

Early Celebration, 5 Weeks (34 Days Post-Op)!

PT Continues to Get More Challenging, 35 Days Post-Op

6 Hours Gardening + 2.2 Mile Walk, 36 Days Post-Op

New PT Exercise + 3 Mile Walk, 38 Days Post-Op

Unsung Benefit of PT: Getting in Shape Overall, 40 Days Post-Op

Neck & Low Back Pain Curtail Activities for a Short Time, 41-44 Days Post-Op:

I woke up with

and had to

and take it easy on Day 43 due to continued pain.

Back on Track, 45 Days Post-Op

Teaching My Body to Move in Ways it Apparently Never Has Before, 47 Days Post-Op

My PTs and I discovery I am inherently a

Still Working on those Motor Skills and Coordination, 48 Days Post-Op

Trucking Along, 51 Days Post-Op

More Knee Guide entries:

Hope this helps!




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August 25, 2005


Exstremely lovely site. Very impressed about all the lesson there are to learn and to know how much help is there also. Keep up the great work

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