Day 48: I’m Teachable (Sort Of)




March 24, 2005 at 7:35 pm

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I did a little better on my lateral slides today, although after , that’s not saying much!

This time, Kara ran me through the drill several times, but it still felt incredibly awkward — especially when Kara stopped and I had no one to mirror.

And the cones? The cones are still too much for me, like asking me to chew gum, recite the alphabet backwards, and jump rope simultaneously.

(God, I hope I didn’t just invent a new PT exercise, there! ;))

My PT regimen is now the following:

While I’d be lying if I said my muscles aren’t feeling the two back-to-back PT sessions this week (due to the Easter holiday), I feel great!

Tomorrow marks my 7th week post-op, and the leg and knee are really doing well. Renee, Kara and Bob put me through my paces in PT three times a week, but I can’t complain.

The exercises and activities they’ve put me through thus far have made an enormous difference in how the knee (and, truth be told, the rest of my body) feels. Equally important, the PT has helped me regain trust in my knee after all those pre-op episodes of it giving out and dumping me on my butt.

Friday of next week is my third post-op checkup with my OS, and I think he’ll be quite pleased with my progress.

As strong as my knee feels, I’m going to ask him if I really need to continue bracing the knee for normal walking.

Three months post-op would put me in the brace until May 4th, which is fine, but I think I may be ready now.

With three cats under foot at home, I’ve had plenty of little “tweaks” to the knee when I’m not wearing the brace, and the knee’s responded well. That said, there’s no sense rushing the graft before it’s ready, and I realize how it feels is only part of the equation — there’s healing going on inside.

We’ll see. I won’t be bummed if May 4th remains the target; it’s just that I’m using the end of braced walking as a barometer for when I might safely attempt some actual hiking (wearing the brace for support/protection), since it’ll mean the graft is stronger and less in need of “coddling”.

I miss real hiking trails, even though I’ve rediscovered some nice walking trails around town as a result of my rehab.

P.S. After PT, I took a quick 1.5 mile walk at Walker Ranch Historical Park; the bluebonnets and other Spring wildflowers are coming into full bloom.

Now, for something completely different:

My Mom mentioned several days ago that her local HEB Marketplace had a good selection of gardenia plants (Gardenia Veitchii) for under $13 a pot. She’s had one miniature gardenia plant growing inside successfully for over a year, and she knows how much I love their scent (I had the most beautiful bridal bouquet of gardenias at my wedding — huge, fragrant blossoms!)

Yesterday, Mom mentioned she would pick up one or two plants for me the next time she was out, but with her busy schedule I thought I’d save her the trip. We’re both too efficient, however — within the span of probably the same hour, she and I both purchased 2 gardenia plants today… both for me!

We figure either we each get one to experiement with growing outdoors, or I’ve got two extra gardenias up for grabs — maybe one for Jerry (Justin’s Mom), and his sister, Jeanine?

Of course, I’ve never owned a gardenia plant before, and I know they’re quite finicky. I didn’t realize just how finicky, however, until I stumbled upon the .

It’s a riot, and it’s chock-full of useful tips (and voodoo) to attempt to care for one of the world’s most fragrant yet temperamental plants!




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