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March 30, 2005 at 9:38 pm

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MAJOR MILESTONE: I see my OS for my 2 month post-op checkup on Friday. Renee, my PT, says that at 8 weeks post-op (which is what I’m at as of Friday), I’m basically DONE! Graduated!

That doesn’t mean I’m 100%, by any means, nor that my exercise regimen and activities can slack off — not in the least! The way she explained it, all it means is I’ve hit the plateau in terms of the things they can have me do in PT, and that I’m now ready to assume control of doing those on my own. They’re not cutting me off, though. In fact, I’m invited to use their facility on an as-available basis to exercise on my own if I’d like for awhile until I locate a local gym that suits me. How cool is that?!

I feel great and have for several weeks now! I have occasional twinges of pain, but nothing too severe — actually about the same as what I dealt with just prior to surgery (but that was all the time; now it’s just when I do certain twisting movements which the knee’s not quite ready for.)

I’ll let you all know when I’m “hike-able” again (hiking, camping, backpacking). I suspect my OS will say, “Go for it, just wear your brace and listen to your body!” I’ve walked 2.63 miles already today, washed my car and

(the hazard of having 3 oak trees in our front yard!) I’m currently waiting for Justin to get home from work to walk another 2+ miles with him. Walking’s been my primary exercise outside of PT, and at least in my case it’s made all the difference in the world (mentally, as well as physically — something proactive I can do to help the knee along and get outside.)

It’ll be awhile before I can jump into hiking and backpacking with real weight on my back, but I will be camping ASAP (sadly, I’ve missed the all-too-brief heavenly cool part of Texas springtime — 86+ degrees today, grrrr…), and I’ll be hiking as soon as I get the nod from my surgeon.

So, the executive summary is my PT won’t entirely cease, it’s just that it’s now my responsibility rather than my therapists to guide me through exercises. They’ve been GREAT!!!! If you live in San Antonio, Austin, San Marcos, Corpus Christi or Mexico City, I highly recommend the physical therapy component of . Superb staff (I’ve been going to the Airport location, on Arion Pkwy in San Antonio,) all the right equipment, good attitude (they make you work, but they work to have fun as you progress, too) and well worth the time. My surgeon prescribed them to me, so it was the luck of the draw, but if I ever had a loved one needing physical therapy (they don’t just do knees — there are hand, shoulder, neck, hip and back patients as well), I will definitely recommend them!

I’ll post another update after I see my OS on Friday. I’ll probably be jazzed because I think he’ll clear me to walk on paved and level surfaces without my hinged brace now, and that’s been my mental waypoint for resuming hiking of any kind.

Thanks for the

gang! I had no idea I’d be this far along and feeling this good just 2 months post-op. I’ve worked hard in PT and listened hard, and I’m sure some of it’s just luck/genetics, but whatever it is I have been thrilled with the outcome thus far.

I’m so pumped I don’t know what to do with myself — which is why I’ve been keeping myself busy ever since PT this morning!

To save for posterity: , commemmorating this milestone. With all the wonderful replies to that post, you can see why the board’s a favorite haunt of many post-op knee patients, as well as those still counting down the hours ’til surgery!

After Justin got home from work, we walked 2.3 miles at Bullis County Park, making my total walking mileage for today a respectable 4.93 miles. Of that, .57 mile was off-trail walking around a pond on the Leon Creek Greenbelt.

At the end of all this today, how do I feel? Terrific!




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