Day 69: Walk Like an Egyptian




April 14, 2005 at 12:35 pm

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Here’s how my entire week has gone, in a nutshell — I planned to attend PT this morning, since I’ve been a total slacker and not taken advantage of my “independent gym” PT sessions since .

I got up early, took my shower and got ready, and then decided, “Since it’s getting hot now, why don’t I do my walk before PT?”

Well, since I felt compelled to walk 4.86 miles in my parents neighborhood (much larger than our own, with more streets, more hills and scenery, and fewer snooty neighbors), that took up well over an hour and left my feet and leg muscles hollering, “What the hell was that about, chick?”

Afterwards, I took a short break at home, debating whether I should limp into PT, but then I had another bright idea.

I needed to get a new , and the most opportune way to do that is a visit to

relatively near our house.

Long story short, I walked another .69 miles at the park — this is my first real hiking thus far. I wore my Vasque hiking boots for the first time since 2004 (!) when I first injured my knee, and I used the Sherlock walking staff Justin fortuitously bought me for Christmas. And, yes, I wore my

on the post-op knee.

The operated knee feels alright — it’s the hamstring where my ACL graft was taken that continues to be sore (ever since my

last week), and inexplicably my right knee hurts near its medial meniscus.

Some meniscus tears can heal with time and exercise, so I’m just operating on the “That which doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger,” principle.

I don’t need or want another knee surgery. Hell, I haven’t finished paying off my 10% of !

Total Mileage Today: 5.55 miles walked, including .69 miles hiking*

* Yes, my OS said I should “…be really, really careful about hiking until 4 months post-op. Well, I was careful.

I know I’m insane, but I have plans to eschew PT again tomorrow (why not make it a whole week of slacker-dom, in that regard?) so I can arrive at the State Park when it opens at 8AM, thus enjoying much cooler temperatures — and hike the 6-mile multi-use trail there that I haven’t set foot on in… longer than I can even remember.

I’ll take my time and if I sense either knee or leg is really unhappy, I’ll abort the hike and head back to my car.

But this is a trail I’m intimately familiar with and I know if I take my time, I can do it safely and sensibly, provided I’m alert, have the proper footwear and my brace (check! check!) and a walking staff for added stability (check!), especially on downhill segments of the trail.

I need this.

My mental state, and my outlook as I near my 10 week post-op anniversary, need this. I’ve felt a little uneasy about the knee ever since the “,” because neither knee or hamstring has felt the same since then.

So, some of this is definitely to prove to myself I can do it and regain that positive, forward-thinking mindset I’d kept up so well for the first 8 weeks post-op!

PT will still be there, and I don’t think 5.55 miles of walking today is anything to sneeze at (except that I’m allergic to oak pollen and have just spent half a day breathing the thick yellow pollen!)

Next week, I’ll try to attend 3 sessions in PT; we’ll see how that goes.

I definitely still feel like I’m married to my knee — it’s a demanding son of a gun!




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