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April 21, 2005 at 11:43 pm

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I officially graduated formal (3 times per week) PT at , and was released to “independent gym” at that time; I’m officially 11 weeks post-op today. The PT clinic was gracious enough to let me continue to use the equipment if I liked, and I had a notion I’d be in there at my usual times 3 times per week. But since it was no longer scheduled, no longer something I *had* to do at a certain time on a certain day, I’ve got to admit it’s been hard. So hard that I’d only attended once in the past 2 weeks, and that was

rushed 20-30 minute session! I should note the PT clinic I go to isn’t exactly close to my home, and that I work at home so it’s easy to “lose track of time” and work right through when I thought I’d “drop in” to the clinic.

That’s not to say I’m not exercising, of course. I’ve ramped up my walking and indoor rowing activities in the past 2 weeks. But I have missed the PT folks, staff and fellow rehabbers alike. As a fellow online rehabber mentioned, when PT ends you suddenly lose your “cheerleaders” and it does make a difference. It’s easier to feel like I’m stagnating, now, even though when I analyze how I feel and how the leg/knee looks, I don’t think I am.

Today, I had a pressing website update to make which forced me to miss the morning “PT window” I’d set for myself. So I had to wait until after their lunch hour (12:30-1:30 PM) to head to the clinic. While waiting for 1:30 PM to arrive, I walked almost 5 miles.

Actually, it wasn’t all walking — I did a little bit of hiking (braced) and some jogging (braced). After PT, I walked another 2+ miles.

The grand totals for today are (can I get a , please?) .. .

· Miles walked (unbraced): 6.77 miles

· Miles jogged (braced): .55 miles

· Miles hiked (braced): .33 miles

= Total Mileage Travelled on Foot: 7.65 miles

Jogging remains painful, awkward, and un-fun. I discussed my jogging/running with Bob in PT this afternoon.

Bob said brisk walking offers an equivalent cardiovascular workout to jogging, without the impact on the knee and other joints. So my primary reason for incorporating running into my exercise regimen is a moot point. If I were an athlete, such as a soccer player, running would obviously be an important thing to reincorporate into my regimen. However, we all know this

is no athlete… unless being a code jockey (geek/programmer) counts as a “sport” now!

Self-guided “independent gym” regimen from today:

My muscles are slightly sore, but I’m feeling terrific. And the pain in my non-operated leg seems to have diminished today, as well.

That’s a relief, as when it spikes, I start to worry that I may have torn the cartilage in that knee with my pre-op falls.

More than likely, however, the knee is continuing to take one more load than it’s used to as my post-op leg works to regain equal strength.




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