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May 7, 2005 at 7:22 pm

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For the past couple months, Justin and I have watched one or two episodes from our growing collection of

whenever possible. We just completed

(contains spoilers).

We had both forgotten how much we enjoyed DS9 — the character development, writing and acting were all top-notch. There have been many scenes we’ve replayed on the DVDs because they were so superbly executed by the writers and actors. For my money, DS9 is my favorite Trek series, at least up to the point where I stopped watching regularly (just after Trill-symbiont

and our favorite Klingon, Worf, hook up, but prior to their wedding).

I enjoyed the Federation and the station’s crew having to feel each other out, repeatedly, as tensions and tides shifted. Bajoran, Cardassian, Ferengi, Federation and other interests all attempting to co-exist in the same space, and doing so with varying degrees of success. Finally, the Federation doesn’t have all the answers.

If I had any complaints about the series, it was that the years of Cardassian occupation had left most Bajorans freakishly paranoid on the one hand (readily observed in the general populace, including most of the Bajoran settlers on DS9), or easily provoked to anger and aggression (best evidenced in Major Kira during the first two seasons.)

That said, for my money,


were two of the strongest (read: best) characters on the series. Without inherent ties to the Federation, and facing oft-divided loyalties (Bajor, the Founders), both Kira and Odo seemed the most “real” of all the individuals on the station. It didn’t hurt that both actors (Nana Visitor and Rene Auberjonois) gave many compelling performances, including nuances that Justin and I are only now appreciating thanks to the benefit of having seen some of the later episodes when they originally aired. It tickles us to note that as early as the first two seasons, the attraction between Odo and Kira is already being established, though neither the writers nor (more importantly) the actors beat us over the head with it.

There’s a scene between Odo and Kira, for example, that takes place in Security early in the second season.

Kira is facing away from Odo as he busily works at his Security console.

She has come to him, conflicted over a case involving a Bajoran religious leader, . “I love him, Odo.” The Security console Odo’s been steadily keying into falls silent. The words cut like a knife — even Odo’s rough-hewn shapeshifter features can’t hide the sting of unrequited love.

But the moment is fleeting, and wholly unnoticed by Kira, whom Odo shields from the fact by gruffly stating, “You humanoids–when it comes to emotional attachments you always fail to see the obvious. I was wondering when you would realize that.” Kira never looks at the emotions playing over Odo’s face, and mistakes his comment as recognition of her relationship with Bariel.

Terrific stuff!

While re-watching Seasons 1 and 2, however, I have to say that I didn’t give enough credit to some of the other characters/actors, including Cardassian

(Marc Alaimo), Ferengi barkeep

(Armin Shimerman), and even Chief

(Colm Meaney). There are some stunning monologues delivered by each of these characters/actors during the episodes we have watched thus-far.

Standby phaser banks and go to Red Alert.

We’re about to begin Season 3, which begins with the introduction of the

as she prepares to seek out the Founders without getting blasted to bits by the !




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