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May 31, 2005 at 1:47 pm

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Cool, I’ve actually forgotten how many weeks I am post-op from the knee surgery.

I’ll have to figure it out again soon, and post it here, though.

I believe I hit 16 weeks in the last week or so. I was scheduled to see my OS on May 23, but he rescheduled me to June 22nd (earliest date available).

So my 3 month post-op checkup has become my 4 month checkup…

My knee was doing terrific up until last Wednesday when I knocked it hard enough to break the skin. I was fiddling around on my hands and knees under a recliner and when I stood up, my shin nailed the metal supports of the recliner’s footrest. I can’t describe the pain except to equate it to equal to the pain I felt when I fell in January, severing my ACL and tearing my menisci.

In fact, the pain was probably worse since it raced up my leg and back down at least 5 times before my brain got over the “white hot pain” stage and I could actually assure those present that I hadn’t just torn my graft.

As a true klutz, I simply managed to break the skin right over my shin incision, and no doubt bruise my shin bone and tweak my calf muscle.

Since my lateral calf had just started to regain more normal sensation, this accident set me back a bit by causing pain and a return of the numbness to that area.

Anyway, I’ve been walking braced most of the time since last Wednesday due to the accident.

Today was my first day walking for exercise without wearing the hinged brace.

I walked 3.16 miles in 51 minutes — slower than I’d been doing, but acceptable considering the still-recent insult to the knee.

Justin and I walked 1.16 miles together on Sunday — my first exercise walk since Wednesday’s injury; the shin and calf muscle were quite painful, as was my hamstring, so we only did two laps instead of our usual three.

I still haven’t found a gym, though to be honest I haven’t been looking very hard. Something about shelling out cash every month is grating on my nerves, particularly since I have Therabands, a Theraband exercise ball, 8lb. and 3lb. dumbbells, and our beloved Concept II indoor rowing machine.

I do need to step up my search for a good, sturdy bicycle, however.

As the Texas summer bears down on us, I’m going to want to be travelling faster than my walking pace to have any hope of staying cool during my outdoor exercise!

P.S.: According to , today is my 117th day post-op. The new knee is now 16.71 weeks old!

I still need to post my Star Wars spoiler post, particularly now that I’ve seen Sith three times.

Justin, his cousin Joey and my brother Thomas all saw Star Wars last Friday. Unfortunately, had Lucas been present he would have had a coronary — there were halos around every bright area on the screen, and the sound was so low key dialog was missed by anyone who hadn’t already seen the movie.

Joey and Justin complained to the theatre management, resulting in all four of us receiving a free pass to a future movie.




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June 1, 2005


Note to the wise……MommaCat is going to be waiting for frequent updates, and will be until your knee sounds the “all clear”!

After all, it was my recliner that viciously attacked you, and you were searching for an inhabitant of my Pixie Shop when the accident happened!!

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