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October 23, 2005 at 6:33 am

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I’m experiencing a bit of what a weekend warrior like myself might term “adventure overload”.

A little too many adventures in a little too short a timeframe to let my mind and body recouperate.

The latest in our string of body and mind-tiring exercises?

An early morning 6+ mile hike at the belatedly opened

— a rugged and expansive park that I’ll learn to love, once I get over the nagging sense of “!@*(!, I hate hiking over incessantly jagged rocks that want to wrench my new knee and send me back to my surgeon!” The park is great for those wanting to bag lots of miles, and it’s also a boon for those of us that seek solitude among nature — 40 miles of trails with no fancy camping areas, no fire pits and swimming pools, guarantees that. It is not, at least from the 6 miles we traversed however, going to become my new favorite park without much more exploration to help us get to know one another.

I sense she has a lot to offer, but does not give up her secrets readily. I know there are many caves (that will not be marked or accessible to the public), and caves mean unique wildlife and water seeps that attract usual wildlife (deer, raccoon, opossum, fox, etc.) There is much tree cover, which means many bird species. So I will learn to love the 3rd largest park within any U.S. city limits, but a 6 mile blitz through the park on a still slightly angry knee (from ~20+ miles walked in/around D.C. for 9 days) yielded more of a “Ok, I’m ready for lunch, Advil and my icy knee wrap back home!”

I/we need to go back and photograph the visitor center/check-in area, as it has a nice interpretive display about the , sponsored by none other than my former employer — USAA.

Well, not quite… sponsored by an adjunct company of my former employer — the educational arm known as the .

We were so tired and sore and hot, though, we walked right by it after our hike and hopped into our truck to soak up some cold air conditioning. It’ll be there for a future visit…

Knee Geeks Update: The knee is fine, but it’s felt weaker and slightly less stable since midway through the D.C. trip. I attribute the perceived loss of stability to the muscles getting over-worked, muscles that normally provide a lot of the support to one’s knee. When those muscles get taxed, it’s all up to the ACL to support the knee, and that’s what leads to the “Crap, that felt like my knee slipping a bit too much like those old, literally painful and scary memories of tearing the ACL!”

A lot of it’s mental… Knee’s fine, muscles are overworked, legs and back are sore from carrying 19 lbs. of camera gear (which I didn’t use because of dense tree cover and no real photographic “gotta shoot this” moments, plus at least another 4lbs. of water in my Camelbak.)

We’re flying today with my mom (aka MommaBear / Mom B) and relaxing the rest of the day.

After a busy weekend thus far, I think I’ll have less trouble in the future convincing Justin that we’re not in a race here to accrue “adventures” and “stories,” and that part of life is, indeed, enjoying lazy moments… I so wanted to stay tucked in bed Saturday morning, and not alone, but with my other half.

Relaxing shouldn’t always be us both logging in to World of Warcraft, or sitting down to watch an episode of DS9.




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