January 8, 2006 at 1:15 am

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Justin and I are fighting off the insane pollen counts and requisite sinus hell, and that puts us in no mood to go , , geocaching, or anything else active and outdoorsy. However, this morning Justin did take an Instrument Proficiency Check flight with our favorite CFI (Certified Flight Instructor), Brad Marcum.

Brad’s a terrific guy and an excellent instructor/pilot. Brad is one reason I feel so secure about flying with Justin — I know the rigor Brad puts into all his training and proficiency flights with his students, because I flew on some of Justin’s instrument training flights with Brad — in full IMC (Instrument Meteorological Conditions…. pilot-speak for clouds, as in flying in them or sandwiched between thick layers of them, eliminating your ground references and providing a false horizon.) Brad really helped Justin “clean up” his flying, making Justin a safer and more attentive pilot.

If only driver’s education worked the same way… Last week, I nearly t-boned a 50-ish lady in a Cadillac who decided a red light was a perfectly good time to make a left turn in front of (me) traffic moving 55mph on a green light through a major intersection.

I honked for three solid seconds, and you know what? She didn’t even notice I was honking at her. You know why I know that?

I passed her when the roadway split to two lanes, to get away from her horrific driving, and in so doing, I sailed through a yellow light with her more than two car lengths behind me.

She ran the now-red light, still jabbering away on the cellphone.


A dead idiot, if she wasn’t more careful the rest of her drive.

Without much else to do, more excessive WoW playing ensued today in the Moore household.

My primary character is finally one level away from 50 (for non-WoW players, the maximum player level in the game is currently 60 — it takes more than several months of frequent playing to get there, unless you live online.) Justin’s character is level 47 because he tends to help “lowbie” (lower level) characters more than I do, something which reduces your likelihood to earn experience points. {Aside: Justin and I are both of the opinion that the game should reward player-on-player assistance, particularly when it’s life-saving, like swooping in when a character is about to die and either healing them or killing their foe(s).}

Anyway… I tend to just grind away, solo, since I play a priest and everyone in the game expects the priests to incessantly stop what they’re doing and heal them, remove disease, and “buff” them (cast long duration, positive spells on them).

It’s more fun to help people when they don’t have the expectation that you will do so.

Justin’s warlock helping strangers in need = fun; Shannon’s priest helping same = not-so-much.

I try to help when people need me, but not if they walk up to me and demand it, unless I’m in a group. Lately, I’m enjoying playing as a “shadow priest” — a magic user with a heavy leaning to, to mix metaphors, The Dark Side of the Force. When I’m in shadow mode, I’m unable to cast healing spells of any kind, and that reduces some of the annoyance of healer-on-deck behavior when my character’s approached.

I know this sounds like a whole lot of nonsense to non-WoW players. That’s cool.

I guess I ought to make a sub-category under “” for WoW, or at least gaming (Neverwinter Nights, Rome: Total War, Empire Earth, etc.)

I so rarely play anything else, though, it would be pretty sparsely populated.

I’m rambling, so it’s time for me to Alt-TAB back into WoW and play some more until I’m sleepy enough to go to bed.





January 8, 2006


Hrmmmm… 5:24 AM and just logged off. I levelled my elf druid from level 4 to level 8.5.

The problem with WoW is you end up creating multiple characters to play.

January 9, 2006


The “reward” for that is really in the guild system, in a way – helping out your guildmates earns you a lot of goodwill in your guild, which pays back many ways (i.e., when you’ve got to clear that elite quest, do a dungeon run or get such and such obscure reagent to make the Ultimate Cloak of Uber Ownage, you find many more folks in your guild are happy to help when you’re known as someone who gives back, rather than those who constantly ask for favors but never seem to find time to repay them).

A more tangible reward mechanic would be great if implemented well, but in my guild at least, there’s a very good social dynamic going on there.

January 9, 2006


We belonged to a large guild that has killed Ragnaros and other high level instances, but they’ve been playing longer (and more) than us, and my computer can’t keep up in the capital cities, much less in the instance runs or PvP stuff, so the need for that isn’t high. We left the guild for now but keep in touch with the few guildies we know in real life.

Mostly, we’re enjoying grouping together (Jus & I) or with our nephew, and we’ll probably go through a phase of having a small guild for us and any helpful, fun players we encounter who are guildless and would like to join.

Our big guild was cool and all but really not interested (for the most part) in helping anyone below level 60 who also wasn’t planning on running raids with them regularly.

So, no blue loot (much less purple) for me.

I’ve had some, don’t get me wrong, but I’m still skilling up my enchanting so they get DE quickly.

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