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January 10, 2006 at 11:40 am

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I’ve never been much of a drinker — an occasional pina colada or pina colada wine cooler, and I’m good. I’ve only been truly drunk once in my life, and that was an intentional experiment on my part; I realized one New Year’s Eve that, indeed, I’d never been drunk. I was 26(!), and figured this was one of those “you have to experience it for yourself” kind of life lessons. So, I drank an entire bottle of (cheap) champagne, myself. Justin was in charge of monitoring my declining motor skills, but mostly just making sure I didn’t fall down the stairs or decide to reformat my hard drive.

The resulting buzz was nice; the following day, was not.

And so ended any desire to experiment further. Justin’s even less of a drinker than I am, which I have to admit was fun when we were dating because we’d both order pina coladas and I’d get mine plus 3/4 of his.

I have had enough different types of alcohol to know it’s just not my thing — various beers, including “micro-brews”; Goldslagher (Mmm, cinnammony; but damn, it burns!); champagne of various price ranges; jello shots; vile concoctions friends made for someone’s birthday party the year after we graduated high school; etc.

I wish I enjoyed wine more, and to be truthful I haven’t sampled enough types to really discern my own tastes.

We have three bottles of wine in our house, two given to us as gifts (!) over the years (oldest vintage is 1993), and one my mom bought because its label reads “Norton”, the name of our tuxedo cat.

We have just barely enough Vodka Rum to make a frozen-mix pina colada, which I do need to do something about!

When I was in high school, binge drinking was not in the media (I don’t think), but there was definitely a subset of the student body who thought that was the height of fun and life every weekend. “Oh, man, I got so wasted this weekend!” was apparently a mark of honor, of “cool”.

Well, everyone knows I wasn’t one of the cool kids.

I was fussing around with various BBS programs, door games, Fidonet mailers, and callback verifiers. That was my cool, and still is, really — except now it’s database-driven web applications for discussion forums, photo galleries, content management and the like. (I still miss FidoNet, though. The way it was, before Usenet. I don’t miss the long distance charges incurred pulling in FidoNet groups that were unavailable locally, however!)

What’s all this about? Well, despite my intense hatred for all things “reality” TV,

sends chills up my spine.

I understand everyone’s tolerance for alcohol is different, but copious amounts of it frequently can’t be good for anyone — even if you are built with a “cast iron stomach,” because you’ll need a cast iron liver, too!

And, besides, dammit… it gets expensive!

An occasional pina colada or two when we’re out to dinner is enough to remind me — damn, this stuff isn’t exactly cheap.

Add in a frequent companion to drinking, namely smoking, and that’s some serious bank people are going through under the auspices of having a fun evening out.

To be fair, we go through serious cash engaging in our own social and personal passions — flying, mountain biking, hiking, camping, etc. The difference is these addictions don’t involve chemicals other than those the body naturally produces (endorphins, adrenaline). Exercise produces a natural high, and one that’s endlessly repeatable without ill results… other than sore muscles and the immediate need for a shower!

My body’s no temple, but I’m not marinating in alcohol, either.





January 10, 2006


I agree with you, that article is downright scary! Also chilling is the widely-known fact that the high-school (and college/young professional) crowd of ‘USA today’ considers binge drinking a cool choice of entertainment!

Aside from the obvious drawbacks involved (which the participants seem oblivious to!), such as health hazards and a fast-emptied wallet, I’ve always wondered. . . . . .how can something be considered “fun” when you’re left with very little memory of what you actually DID the night before?!

January 10, 2006


I think you meant we have just enough RUM left to make one last Pina Coloda!

Not sure if Vodka makes a good Pina Coloda or not…

January 10, 2006


Well, to quote the article exactly:

“Nicky describes meeting a generation of women for whom casual sex and alcohol-induced fighting is the norm. ”

I guess thats it. The fighting I mean.

January 10, 2006


I have had the pleasure of telling friends what they did the night before, because they don’t remember.

“Man, i don’t remember a thing about last night..”


Well let me tell you.. and this is just hilarious.”

I’ve always figured, if an activity is going to be expensive… you damn sure better be able to remember it.

… and what good is it if everything you bought is in a tearing rush to leave your stomach the next morning!

January 11, 2006


Justin –Vodka…? Rum…?

{grin} Guess I proved my point quite readily, there.

January 11, 2006


Despite living with two people who drank all the time, I never understood the attraction either… the drinks certainly sound glamorous, but they always taste like anti-freeze to me.

I get wanting a nice buzz, I always wondered if alcohol has some magic instant appeal for the rest of the world, taste-wise, that just eludes me… or, if it *does* taste so bloody bitter and awful for everyone else, what’s the point of forcing yourself to like it?

(Peer pressure notwithstanding – otherwise who’d ever *willingly* start smoking, especially in this day and age… though I guess I underestimate how important that is to many, since I’m still not much less geekily solitary and uncool now than I was during my teen years/BBS days.)

A pina colada’s my fave “real” drink as well, despite

that family and friends still tease me about.

Since then I’ve grown slightly more accustomed to alcohol – there are white wines I haven’t found entirely unpleasant – but I think the real attraction’s doomed to elude me for life… I’ll take one Dr Pepper or Bawls over all the alcohol in the world.

(I write all this, of course, being four days away from moving to Ireland… so who knows whether any of the above will still apply in a few months.)


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