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September 24, 2004 at 9:28 am

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… I am addicted to computer input devices — keyboards, mice, trackballs.

Awhile back, I .

The “honeymoon period” was still in effect, so I thought I’d found a new alterate input device to alleviate some of my computing overuse wrist pain.

In the end, the trackball wasn’t compatible with my hand.

Computer input devices are a personal thing, at least when you spend as many hours on a computer as many of us do. I’ll grant you that most people don’t do 14 consecutive hours on a computer with no breaks (”Lunch/Dinner, what’s that?!”) — I don’t either, very often at least, but that’s what has caused my latest tenosynovitis wrist flare-up.

So, I bought a new mouse last night on a whim. I “blame” it on Dad. He’s had this particular make & model for a couple weeks now. I resisted the infatuation on my first meeting with it, but the second time was the clincher!

It fits my hand like a glove, offers exceptionally good precision, has a very well thought-out interface and only requires a very light touch for all input. And it’s cordless and has a a laser — what more does a geek need?! It’s the

and it’s on its way here as I type! At least with this mouse, I’ve gotten to actually hold and use it for a bit beyond the in-store mouse fondling we otherwise have to resort to.

The Logitech trackball I purchased awhile back I really wanted to love — it was well-designed and had a solid feel to it, but after contin

ued heavy use for a week or so I developed new sources of pain in my wrist and discovered that any thumb-controlled trackballs just weren’t a good idea for my hands. I come from the Atari generation, after all, so my strongest fingers are my index and middle fingers — the classic gamers’ “trigger fingers” on old style console games. In the Nintendo/SEGA generation, your thumbs do a lot more work, it seems. Which is why I can’t play many games against my nephew before I have to beg off because my wrists are killin’ me!

Have I found mouse nirvana, similar to the keyboard nirvana I found when I first used a Microsoft Natural Keyboard several years ago?

I have a strong suspicion I may have.

A trackball was never meant to be my full-time input device, but somehow that’s what it developed into. Having choices, like so many things in life, is a good thing when it comes to mice/keyboards/trackballs as well.

If I do too much with one, I can switch and help “spread the load” on my hand to get a little more work out of it before pain forces me to truly take a break — such as the past 2 days I’ve taken off work to help recover from several back-to-back 14+ hour days (with more to come! But it’s FUN STUFF, and MY STUFF, and I wouldn’t change it for the world — lest anyone thing I’m actually complaining!)

– Shan




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November 5, 2004


Just doing a Google vanity search and found your post.

I’m a geek, too.

Kind regards,


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