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February 9, 2006 at 10:51 pm

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I thought Spring was arriving to South Texas, but apparently temperatures on Friday through Sunday nights are going to be at or below freezing. Good thing I’m not prompt when it comes to making my first pilgrimage of the season to the garden center! I do, however, have a mounting list of things to purchase there — whiskey barrel (mine is decomposing, missing a wooden slat and a metal band that’s rusted off);

and a trellis; a couple new pots; a new dripper for our birdbath; new annuals and a few perennials (most of my

are scrawnier and sadder than I remember them looking after previous winters.)

And of course there’s the decrepit backyard fence that needs to be replaced… I’ve been dragging my heels on that one, if for no other reason than I’m aware my neighbor will want to “help” and it’ll take twice as long to complete the project, as a result.

I’ve dug holes in my backyard for small shrubs, and had him come into my backyard and take the shovel from me: “No, really, thank you very much, but I’m fine here. Really. Please, may I have my shovel back?

{lie} No, I’m afraid I do not have an extra shovel.”

He’s nice enough, really, but he’s just a little too… outgoing? helpful? macho? (He’s of Cuban ancestry and hails from New York City, so I can’t blame him on any account. His wife is the same way… well, minus the shovel grabbing. ;))

I’ve been slowly sprucing up the house, though nothing blog-worthy.

It’s only noticable if you (a.) live here or (b.) are our neighbors, since we’ve had an absurd amount of trash to put out at the curb each trash day for the past couple weeks.

Why do we hold on to so many boxes? Ah, yes, because I actually do sell a lot of our cast-offs on eBay, eventually, and we insist on keeping the original boxes for those occasions. Still, I managed to part with two LCD monitor boxes, a radio-controlled styrofoam airplane box (sans-airplane, of course), and other j-u-n-k.

That finally opened up enough room for me to store our artificial Christmas tree in the storage space beneath our stairs, amidst all of our camping, backpacking and hiking gear (which is crying out for some love, right now!)

It never fails, though. For everything we throw away, something new arrives home.

I’m clearly becoming more of a home-maker than I ever imagined possible, since I just blew an entire $140 Amazon.com gift certificate on… {wait for it}

a .

Sexy, right?

:p I don’t know which is worse… that I was compelled to buy a vacuum with my “fun money” gift certificate, or that Justin was positively happy when I told him what would be arriving via UPS in 2-3 days.

Let’s just say that with three cats and light-colored carpets, there are no shortage of small stains to test the new unit out on. So far, it’s

proven quite good. It can’t work miracles, like removing the cat vomit stains that even Stanley Steamer dudes I called out the same day couldn’t remove, stating, “Whoa, it’s red. Red is evil. If it were anything but red…” I felt like they wondered what the hell we were feeding our cats!

More to the point, though, who the hell would think to put red dye in cat food? Needless to say, we stopped buying that brand of cat food, but only after accruing several lovely red (now pink) stains on our then-new carpet.

So, Spring. A time of renewal, rebirth, rejuvenation. And cat vomit.

I’m not sure how I veered that far off track, really, but what the hell, in some odd way it seems to fit.




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