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February 11, 2006 at 1:24 am

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I will be breaking my

hiatus soon, with the long-anticipated arrival of my new computer, purchased Thursday night on No more gryphon flights that look like slow-mo slideshows. Less lag in Lagfor-, I mean, ; and, finally, some practice as a primary healer for instance-runs… because, really, nothing sucks more than a lagging

— “WTF, you’re both dead?! You were full health, standing right beside me a second ago! /sigh Tell me where your corpses are.” Oh, and of course, important things like better performance in Adobe Photoshop, BreezeBrowser, Beyond Compare, etc.!

Specs for my new rig (< $2,000): , PD, 830 (3GHZ), VIIV 2GB DDR2 SDRAM AT 533MHZ-4X512GB Quadruple the RAM I currently have (512MB for the mathematically challenged; never upgraded because it’s memory — over-priced, over-hyped. NO KEYBOARD REQUESTED I’m a 4-year-old convert to the ; my primary issue now is not taking “ergo breaks” enough/at all. VIDEO READY W/O MONITOR As you’ll recall, I recently went . I have two Dell UltraSharp 1703FP’s (17″; any larger, and I suspect my head would fall off!) 256MB ATI HYPER MEM PCI-E X16 X600SE Not the sexiest video card offered, but a good value for the money ($40 add’l, vs. $150 add’l for the nVidia GeForce 6800. RAM & processor limitations are the dual culprits of my current system’s lethargy.) 500GB SERIAL ATA II,7200RPM,P I would have loved to bump this to 1TB from the factory, but not for $900+ extra. I’ve got a 250-300GB HD (not SATA, sadly) that I’ll plunk into the new machine upon its arrival. NO FLOPPY DRIVE REQUESTED I threw away my floppies a long time ago, although I think I still kept my licensed multi-line copy of BBS software — all 6+ disks of it. Nostalgia value, even though I ran far longer than I ran PCBoard. WINXP MCE 2005,ENG,DIM,NM,U Obligatory Windows OS. A little of me dies knowing I’ll probably never have a primary computer system that’s from Apple. I tried, once. $3,499 for an Apple Titanium Powerbook G4 in 2001 (blazingly fast 400Mhz… but it had 1GB RAM, by God! ;)) Loved it but can no longer justify the brand-loyalty “tax” imposed on Apple systems. NO MOUSE REQUESTED Dual convert of 1-2 years to both the and a trackball. V.92/56K PCI DATAFAX,INT MODEM,DIM,TIED Wish this was optional. I can’t remember the last time I plugged a telephone line into my computer. It might have been 1999 to send a fax? Before that, it was Valentine’s Day 1996 — the last day my public hobbiest BBS ( ) was operational. 16X DVD+/-RW CD-RW COMBO DRIVE,DIM05,P I can’t remember the last time I used both my DVD-rewritable and CD-RW drive at the same time, so I opted for a single drive to save the case real estate for another hard drive or airflow. Sound Blaster X-FI PCI SOUND CARD,05,DIM9100/5100 If anything is perfect about my present Dell system, it’s the THX-certified 5-speaker surround sound. So, we splurged on the top of the line sound card offered. I’m keeping my current speakers and subwoofer. DELL A525 SPEAKERS,LF,DIM $30 extra, but dammit if Dell’s system configurator won’t let you select “NO SPEAKERS” or let you fudge and select the FREE LCD-mounted speakers when you’re ordering a video-ready/no monitor system. I guess we should grouse, but I’m almost afraid it’d result in a delay to my order, or worse. MCAFEE 7.0,OEM,ENG,15MO,DIM/INSP I’ve grown weary of Norton Systemworks. I’m ready to give McAfee a go. WORDPERFECT OFFICE 12 + TRIAL,DIM/INSP Not optional (just like all the ISPs’ bundles), but is a bit of nostalgia as well. I remember typing up essays and research papers for middle school on WP’s once-characteristic white-text-on-blue-background… « | » Archives from One Year Ago -- 4 Comments February 11, 2006 @ Congratulations. It’s an awesome machine. Love, Dad February 14, 2006 @ Wait - what Alternate Reality have I been living in recently?!! How did I miss out on this (huge!) news??? Well - 1) MommaCat has obviously not been checking blogs as often as she should and 2) I must be talking too much (again.) I’m delighted to hear that you’re finally getting a computer which can keep up with you! Love, MommaCat February 14, 2006 @ I hadn’t mentioned the computer except to Thomas briefly. Dad found out about it the same way you did, through the blog. Love, - Shan February 14, 2006 @ Wow, this does sound like a beast of a machine. Nice pick. Leave a Comment RSS/XML Feeds This is a Flickr badge showing public photos from . Make your own badge . Building a Fitter Geek Copyright © 2006 Shannon D. Moore. All Rights Reserved.·

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